Janie Diaz, EIC [Editor-in-Chief]

Born in Winston-Salem, NC, Janie quickly made the South a part of her past by moving abroad at the age of four. She stayed away, living everywhere from Dubai, UAE to Antwerp, Belgium, Mexico City, and Madrid, Spain, returning stateside to complete high school and college in Arizona.

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Steve Scoville, VP of Operations and Design

Steve Scoville has always been involved with design and development. It all started when he was a kid… really more out of necessity. Growing up in Houston, Texas during the skateboarding craze of the late 80’s, Steve’s curiosity and passion for design and production began with the quest to build skate board ramps similar to those on which he skated at the Houston Skate Park. By the time he was 12 years old he had designed and built over 40 skateboard ramps.

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Scott Schoenebeck, CEO and Founder

Many successful businessmen are succinctly summed up in a resume. While some may consider this a blessing when sending out their cover letters to potential partners or collaborators, Scott usually finds himself in a bit of a conundrum when asked to send a little something about himself to interested parties. Given that Scott has been self-employed since age 13, any resume he may send would more appropriately be a scroll of evolving endeavors from his parents’ garage to his own ecosystem of companies in Salt Lake City, Utah. What’s most important to note? Scott has been on a mission since ’92, to bring a dream to fruition by developing supporting companies that could self-finance operations, sans venture capital.

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