Chris Cox, CIO [Chief Information Officer]

In the simplest terms, I solve problems and create infrastructure. My greatest passion in life is seeking out the frustrations people face everyday and developing innovative solutions that will ease the tensions and make it easier for everyone going forward.

Being born in South Dakota and raised in the beautiful Salt Lake City valley provided the backdrop, while my interest in technology and solving problems began young, thanks to my father’s work. From the age of four, sitting next to my dad, pounding away at a disconnected keyboard to present day, I have been inspired to change the world. At the age of seven, my problem solving began to show: I started an invention journal that tackled the real struggles in life, like taking out the garbage and washing dishes. It is easy to see now how I became a modern-day problem solver.

I quickly realized the importance computers and technology would have in people’s lives, inspiring me to work on the high school Website team where I became the Web Master. It was during this time I discovered that I had a genius for seeing the bigger picture that allowed me to organize elite teams that could successfully execute the solutions to any challenge.

My first job at a pizzeria presented another passion — training others and inspiring them to achieve their best. It didn’t take long to quickly move up the ranks to running my own successful store, while keeping overhead remarkably low. This was possible thanks to my ability to perfect processes, present more user-friendly instructions, and develop cross training among the staff, streamlining our day-to-day operations.

It was during my next role, building the technical support department at a leading company in innovation for driver safety, that I took my experience and passion for solving problems to the next level. In fact, the infrastructure that I implemented continues to survive and thrive years later. To accomplish this feat, I set up a document repository system that contained our company’s standard operating procedures and training manuals, supported with a video library.

Upon setting up the technical support department, I created a position and a team that provided liaisons between the account managers and development team. This position allowed me to further sharpen my skills by understanding how the needs of our clients could become the road map for our development team, resulting in the solutions and innovations of tomorrow.

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