Janie Diaz, EIC [Editor-in-Chief]

Born in Winston-Salem, NC, Janie quickly made the South a part of her past by moving abroad at the age of four. She stayed away, living everywhere from Dubai, UAE to Antwerp, Belgium, Mexico City, and Madrid, Spain, returning stateside to complete high school and college in Arizona.

With a degree in literature and minor in rhetoric, Janie had already entered the publishing world during college by co-creating a small, local magazine with a circulation in Tempe and Flagstaff, Arizona. But during Janie’s tenure with her magazine and on university campus, she noticed a year before her set graduation date that print media was going the way of the dodo.

Her hunch was right — by the time she was ready for the job market, 24 of the top US newspapers had been pushed into the grave by online media availability and the 24-hour news cycle. So, Janie jumped ship from the analog world and took her writing skills to her first digital job: a mogul SEO house in Burbank, California. After spending two years learning the ropes from SEO industry pioneers, Janie set out on her own to create a wee empire.

Janie focuses on how SEO trends shape brand identity, and how social media shapes the pace of brand relevance. Her flexible career gives her time to unschool her children into the next generation of soothsaying thinkers. Settled on a two-acre property in rural California, Janie spends her off time working with her husband and daughters rescuing animals. Between her work, her pack of dogs, pride of house cats, rescue horses, and one mouthy rescue African Grey, boredom is not an issue for Janie and family.

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