Scott Schoenebeck, CEO and Founder

Many successful businessmen are succinctly summed up in a resume. While some may consider this a blessing when sending out their cover letters to potential partners or collaborators, Scott usually finds himself in a bit of a conundrum when asked to send a little something about himself to interested parties. Given that Scott has been self-employed since age 13, any resume he may send would more appropriately be a scroll of evolving endeavors from his parents’ garage to his own ecosystem of companies in Salt Lake City, Utah. What’s most important to note? Scott has been on a mission since ’92, to bring a dream to fruition by developing supporting companies that could self-finance operations, sans venture capital.

A look into Scott’s background makes him a tad less enigmatic. From 1988 to 1993 Scott attended the University of Delaware, where he received his BA in biological sciences; but how he got there is much more revealing of his entrepreneurial spirit and tenacity. Scott grew the business he started at age 13, Lawn Butlers, into a profitable entity that spun off a small construction company—Scott was faced with his first brand identity challenge—so he accommodated the growth with the name Building & Brush Butlers. Who says subsidiaries have to wait ‘til you don’t have a bedtime? Scott paid his way through university with his earnings from the Butler family of companies; that was the real pay off.

Scott's background in construction and product design is where he has concentrated his efforts for decades. In this time, he has created solutions for a number of issues that challenge a multitude of industries with ideas from green building to biomechanics.

It’s no wonder that Scott’s true love is building dream teams and solving problems—and perhaps it is because he refuses to see anything as a problem that makes him the perfect person to come up with answers no one else can conceive. As a visionary, Scott’s truly unique outlook and desire to positively impact this world via innovation make him the perfect leader to accomplish his biggest dream — Vertical Visions (the incubator) and YOUHANGIT (the disruptive technology)!

From research and development to launch and everything in between, YOUHANGIT is blowing up the paradigm for hanging items on the walls as well as the inherent frustrations.

Solving a “problem” by creating a solution to a challenge people didn’t even realize could be eradicated from daily life — this is the Schoenebeck way.

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