Steve Scoville, VP of Operations and Design

Steve Scoville has always been involved with design and development. It all started when he was a kid… really more out of necessity. Growing up in Houston, Texas during the skateboarding craze of the late 80’s, Steve’s curiosity and passion for design and production began with the quest to build skate board ramps similar to those on which he skated at the Houston Skate Park. By the time he was 12 years old he had designed and built over 40 skateboard ramps.

It didn’t stop there. After working with wood ramps a few years, Steve ventured into the metal arts and at the age of 13 he had already learned to ARC weld and successfully designed and fabricated a go-kart, which would later take first place in welding design in the state of Texas Industrial Arts Competition.

As VP of Operations & Design for YOUHANGIT, Steve has focused his energy on developing the integrated processes between new ideas and the tangible evidence of successful execution of said ideas. With various “tours of duty” to China, Mexico, and other venues, Steve’s efforts to align design teams, tooling and lean-manufacturing strategies encompass a global vision for YOUHANGIT’s products. While cranking it at base camp (Salt Lake City, Utah) Steve directs and coordinates graphic design, product design, engineering, and product distribution efforts.

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