Our fearless leader, the Founder of YOUHANGIT, and its CEO, Scott Schoenebeck, once said, “Every homeowner has experienced the challenges involved in hanging an item, leaving most people frustrated by the time-intensive process that leaves multiple holes in the wall.” The YOUHANGIT idea was a fledgling model of what it is today: a market-ready set of kits that truly make life simpler. If you haven’t already watched the video about how YOUHANGIT works, you have to — once thine eyes have seen what there yee shall behold, never again will you grab a hammer and three 16-penny nails to hang a shadowbox.

It was the aforementioned statement from Scott that prompted the creation of “Team YHI” — a ragtag group of professionals from every thinkable industry. We got to work on everything from Website design and content to packaging, getting YOUHANGIT on Amazon, redesigning our packaging again, and then again… and once more to include Spanish-language labeling (La Virgen de Guadalupe blesses you, Ana and Stevie!)

We worked like savages to create an online presence (thank you Chris [AKA The Wolf]), created killer graphic design (thank you Steve [AKA Mi6]), worked out the details of our monthly blog posts (Thank you Janie [AKA Captain Janeway]), and strategized our budget (thank you Angie [AKA Money Penny]). But most of all, we sent Scott (AKA oo7) to every zip code on the planet and back to make connections (thank you Kim [AKA Kimbodia]), rub elbows — and the elbows of elbows 24/7/365.

You should see the guy. He looks like he has been the president of a war-torn nation for at least four terms. YET, somehow, he keeps a huge smile on his face, laughs like a wildman, inspires us daily with quotes, thoughtful emails, continued concern about our planet, and most of all, his constant conveyance of gratitude and love for us: the team he assembled through some sort of cosmic wizardry. All of this after mountain biking and hiking, and probably preparing like a dozen TED Talks.

After much research, development, fleeting hours on Skype, and texting well into the wee hours, we came up with a collateral package to send out to vendors that we lovingly nicknamed “The Tank.” This baby is a juggernaut of all things YOUHANGIT, and we’re proud of where it’s gotten us so far. It definitely lives up to its name!

But we’re not done yet. YET being the key phrase. Our team is about so much more than words and ways to hang things on walls. Seriously, there’s no way to express the amount of love we have poured into YOUHANGIT, and believe us when we tell you: this is ONLY the beginning. Sure, we want to keep you from drilling 90 holes in the wall before you get your picture hung properly, but what this is really about it creating comfort for you and your loved ones in your home.

Simply put: We Love You. We Love Earth. We’re here to shift the paradigm with one lil’ set of gadgets. And what comes next? You’ll have to wait and see — but there’s a lot more territory Team YHI will cover over the next several months, years, and beyond. Join us: be part of making life better by following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook. We’re going to shake. it. up. Not to worry, you’ll have your hands-free YOULEVEL to straighten us out.

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