What’s a YOUHANGIT marking device?

Essentially, YOUHANGIT is a simple tool for hanging virtually anything on walls. It positions and levels—in ONE shot!

It’s simple. Peel. Stick. Level. SQUISH!

Our innovative patented design temporarily adheres to the back of an object’s mounting points. Insane accuracy is achieved by aligning the red V-groove on the marking device with these points. When pressed against a wall, the “sharp-pointy-thing” inside the device leaves a small mark, indicating exactly where to affix appropriate wall-mounted hook, nail, or screw anchor.

With YOUHANGIT, anyone can hang artwork, shelves, or mirrors like a pro. Hanging sound bars, bath decor, and more is a snap. YOUHANGIT addresses issues with hanging artwork that are otherwise ignored by the hardware industry. Existing manufacturers focus solely on color, quantity, and weight-bearing capacity, neglecting frustrations consumers face when hanging artwork. YOUHANGIT wall hanging systems provide a universal solution so you get professional results every time. No more math. No more off-kilter pencil marks or blue tape. No more walls riddled with holes.


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This Animation Video shows you the behind the scenes magic that makes YOUHANGIT and the YOULEVEL a necessity for everyone! Below you can look at specific steps and instructions for the hardware type on the back of your soon to be hung item.


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