Hanging Pictures On The Wall Above Your Bed: Proceed With Caution

There they are... just waiting to kill you in your sleep. Nevermind that half of them are crooked and spaced all wonky.

There they are... just waiting to kill you in your sleep. Nevermind that half of them are crooked and spaced all wonky.

If you hang pictures over a bed in a nonchalant “whatever” way with nails or hooks that can’t properly support them, some of what goes on in that bed can be bad. And we don’t mean kinky, we mean personal injury.

Many couples moving into a new space often have a little extra cash after the rental van has been returned and all the movers have cleared out. This can mean a sweet trip to the antique store, the thrift shop, an art gallery, or a trip to a photographer for that set of family photos you've been meaning to have done since Junior was a newborn. Hey, at least you'll get that high school graduation photo up there!

But hanging artwork over a bed isn't child's play. We make a lot of stuff funny here at YHI, but head trauma isn't one of them—as a general rule.

When you opt to hang photos over a bed, there's definitely a design aspect that works here. It adds dimension to the room, but you'd hate to have it add dimension to your spouse's face (most of you, anyway.) So how do you hang artwork and photos over the bed in a way that is safe and also level? Use the YOUHANGIT system. For this particular need, if you have little else to hang around your new digs, the YHI Decor and More ought to suit you just fine. Then again, if you're looking to execute a project like the one in the image above, you'll probably want to go with the Designer Kit as it has more YOUHANGIT sticky-thingies as well as 10, 20, 30, 50, 100-pound Sexy Metal Hooks for any of those over-the-bed works of art that may require them. Other art and photos around the house will require YOUHANGITs as well, and the Designer kit includes more than a dozen medium-sized nails to get all kinds of cool (and even very heavy) stuff well hung.

But back to the boudoir. One of the most important things we can recommend is to first measure the height of the headboard and the width between the posts in the case of a poster bed like the one in the image above. Why? Because standing on a bouncy mattress while handling tools, nails, and hooks is, like, literally the worst idea ever. Plus, no matter how awesome your level is, there's no level that levels you while you level a picture. This isn't "Weird Science," this is your bedroom—take it easy. Use a ladder when utilizing the YHI picture hanging system so that you can get that one piece of artwork or that picture wall above the bed up with ease and without accidentally blowing out your knee or cracking your bed frame. Remember, pictures above the bed are only fun until someone gets a concussion from that Picasso print behind glass with the oak frame. After all, there's only one good kind of TKO in the bedroom.