Hanging Framed Sports Jerseys: Shameless Super Fan Edition

Photo credit: SportsMemorabilia.com: Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid. Olé, Olé, Olé!

Photo credit: SportsMemorabilia.com: Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid. Olé, Olé, Olé!

Not everyone loves a sports nut, but all sports nuts love their jerseys. If you’re one of the lucky few with the opportunity to own one, here are some steps to take to keep it from going to the dogs… or whatever the rival team’s name is.

You’re a super fan, so shamelessly show the world your super goods. You’ve earned it—whether your significant other got your autographed sports jersey for you or you won it in an auction, that baby is all yours. But there are some guidelines you’ll want to follow so as not to disturb the peace… by way of decor disruption or by poor hanging decisions that leave your jersey frame crooked or unsafe to be around.

Before you hang your framed jersey, make sure the jersey itself is well affixed within the frame. The last thing you want to have to deal with is hanging the jersey frame perfectly only to realize the jersey itself is all wonky, wrinkled, or hanging (literally) by a thread. Once you have ensured the jersey is properly affixed within the frame, let’s have a discussion about where to put it before you get into a screaming match with your wife or girlfriend (or mother-in-law—YIKES!)

In your mind, the dialog sounds something like this: This sweet jersey is going right over the living room mantel!

In the mind of your wife, the dialog sounds something like this: I’m so glad he liked the gift! I can’t wait to see it hanging in his office!

Much like the divorce deposition you may soon be having if you hang your autographed jersey in the wrong place, sit across the table from your loved one and discuss where to hang a sports jersey in your house. You will soon find which places are off limits and which places are acceptable, but one thing is for sure: unless you have a bachelor pad, that thing is not going in the living room.

Once you have located the proper spot in your man cave for your framed jersey, pick out the appropriate hardware to hang it, and make sure within that selection of hardware are some screw anchors if your frame is a double keyhole or sawtooth hanger frame. If you’re dealing with a picture wire hanger, YOUHANGIT’s Sexy Metal Hooks have got you covered—these babies hold up to 100 pounds each if you need that kind of insurance, which if you’re dealing with a one-of-a-kind or rare autographed jersey, you definitely do. And if you don’t have a stud where you want to hang your jersey, no problem—our heavy-duty picture hooks don’t even need one!

Sports jersey box frames are heavy and deceptively fragile—with all that open space between the frame and the glass, you want to make sure you hang it right the first time to avoid accidents.

Now turn on that massive TV, situate your recliner at the 50-yard line, invite your friends over, and naturally, ensure you are bare-chested and donning colors from waist to face. GO TEAM!