How to Hang a Cat Scratching Post, Unless You Just Hate Your Furniture

Cat Scratch Pad from Houzz, happy kitteh not included.

Cat Scratch Pad from Houzz, happy kitteh not included.

If you own a cat—and especially if you own multiple cats—and even more especially if you’re are of the belief that declawing is inhumane, having options for kittehs to get their scratch on is a must. The issue with these items is that many times they are significantly overpriced, they fall apart easily leaving a huge cardboard mess behind, and sometimes, cats are just like, “Pffft, that thing? Gimme a break, pal.”

The cat scratch product pictured above by Houzz is ideal, but you can also make your own cat scratcher for the wall very easily:

o   Head over to your local hardware store or mass retailer (or your neighbor’s porch, whatever) and grab Berber carpet indoor welcome mats or scraps

o   Find one of the following items: an old medium-sized picture frame, an old ladder back from a chair, or simply buy a small wooden ladder

o   For the picture frame, you’ll keep the cardboard backing (or add one if it’s no longer there) and simply measure the carpeting to fit inside frame. Voila!

o   The ladder back or a ladder can be a lot more fun for snowball because you can sort of weave the carpeting through the rungs, tie other fun trinkets laden with catnip on the sides (a mental signal: move slowly away from the couch… paws where I can see them kitteh!)

 If you have a multiple cat household, you’ll probably want to make more, but just start with one and see how it goes. If you can’t seem to get your furball nation interested, add some super-potent From the Field catnip spray—just a few squirts will do the job, this is the heavy stuff from Colombia.

Time to talk turkey—or tuna rather. Your cats are animals descended from the wild, and as such, they will really go to town if they like their wall hung cat scratcher. That’s why you’re going to have to go the double keyhole route, but hanging these is a YOUHANGIT specialty, so fear not. Instead, check out this video on how easy it is to adhere the YOUHANGIT to the keyholes to ensure you make the perfect mark every time.

Happy cats and kittens = happy homeowners (and landlords, yikes) Hang your wall hung cat scratcher in any room where they currently scratch, and remember, you can replace the Berber anytime it has worn out.