Make Your Own Indoor Wall Hanging Herb Garden

Wall mounted herb garden a la Camille Styles

Wall mounted herb garden a la Camille Styles

We have to thank Camille STYLES for their awesome blog on how to put together this sweet hanging herb garden. That said, you don't have to go by the book on any type of hanging garden, and if you have been with us at YOUHANGIT long enough, you know we don't go by the book too much. Why? Because when you go the Earth-friendly route by repurposing and upcycling rather than just heading out to a store to grab what you're looking for, you often find you can create what you had imagined much easier than finding it premade. One size does not fit all, certainly not when you’re talking about herb gardens.

So on with the show! The ecologically sound way to get this job done is to find an existing piece of driftwood or other flat, aged piece of wood that has character. Make sure it’s large enough to hang the number of jars on it you’d like—the Camille Styles route calls for three large mason jars, which is great for growing larger herbs like basil and cilantro. You might find this old wood in your garage, attic, cellar, a thrift store, or by foraging around in the woods when you least expect it. It would be really cool if this blog inspired you to unexpectedly find yourself in the woods. Use the buddy system por favor.

When you follow the instructions from Camille STYLES on securing the jars to the wood, consider using YOUHANGITs to mark placement on the wood. Remember: the jars may be empty or just have a little soil in them now, but measuring so there’s room for growth is important. In addition, though they will be hung diagonally, you can still utilize the YOULEVEL by placing the piece of wood at an angle and mark for the mason jars’ braces with the old “Peel, Stick, Level, Squish” gusto.

You’re ready to hang your herb garden—are you as excited as we are?! This is an excellent way to begin growing herbs from seedlings or very small plants if you live in a small home or an apartment in an urban area. So many things can be hung on the wall with the YOUHANGIT system, screw anchors, and in this case, a system like E-Z Ancor Tap-N-Lock from Lowes, or in cases where hooks are required (like a painting with a wire hanger), there’s nothing better than our Sexy Metal Hooks.

Your mason jars, hung at an angle as you see in the image here, can be filled with some soil. If you want to ensure quick, organic growth with no pesticides or other weirdness, check out Potting Soil from Planet Neutral. This is great stuff, and makes what you grow as safe for the cat to munch on as it is for you to bring to the kitchen table.

Make sure you hang your wall mounted herb garden in a place where it will receive plenty of sunlight, and water as appropriate. Then wait. And when you’re done waiting, we’d appreciate a call when the caprese salad or buns-kickin’ salsa is ready!