The Wall-Hanging Christmas Tree: Bringing Cheer to Tight Spaces

Repurpose wood to make a wall hanging Christmas tree!

Repurpose wood to make a wall hanging Christmas tree!

Not all of us live in spaces that allow for the Griswold-style, 15-foot Christmas tree, nor the patience for its upkeep. For apartment, studio, loft, and micro-house dwellers, a wall mountable Christmas tree is totally what you need to get the job of bringing cheer handled.

Making your own wall-hanging Christmas tree

There are so many ways to do this. You can save all kinds of wood from wherever and have the whole family work together (this may likely require plenty of nog and mimosas).

You can also make a Christmas tree out of pallet wood — just go to Google and you'll see some tremendously creative ideas that are also very simple.

When you make your own Christmas tree like the one featured here on our blog, you can add any kind of lights you want, use whichever kind of upcycled wood floats your boat. And, you can easily hang something like this using the YOUHANGIT system.

The pre-made wall-mountable Christmas tree: so easy!

The pre-made wall-mountable Christmas tree: so easy!

What's more, if your tree weighs 100 pounds or less, you can also employ the use of our Sexy Metal Hooks to hang it right on the wall in so few steps you'll have time to draw whatever you want on your red Starbucks cup.

No time to make your own? No problem — we've got you covered with wall-hanging trees

For those of you who aren't the artsy-craftsy type, you can find and buy (ordering these online is probably the easiest way to find them) Christmas trees for hanging on your wall — these basically look like a Christmas tree that someone has cut in half.

This makes them perfect for hanging right on the wall of your choosing. What's more, most of us have plenty of room on our walls where floor space is lacking. So remember: hang your tree in a place that will allow you the room to place gifts beneath it.

The pre-made faux wall-mountable Christmas trees do generally come with their own hardware for hanging.

This makes the job exceptionally easy — simply use the YOUHANGIT to create your perfect mark, screw in your hardware, hang your pre-lighted tree, and you're good to go with plenty of space.

What we love about either of these options is that they do not contribute to taking down any new tree growth, and they also do not require any watering in a time when large parts of the country are experiencing record-breaking droughts. 

So, if you love unique seasonal wall decor, love the planet, and like saving floor space and having extra room when your home is flooded with relatives, a wall-mounting Christmas tree that is pre-made or made by your own hands with repurposed wood is an excellent alternative to the traditional tree. And we promise: these trees bring every bit as much cheer.

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