The Coolest Wine Holder Ever: YOUHANGIT's Favorite New Find

While recently flipping through friends, followers, hashtags, likes, and other various wormholes of the social media universe, we found our favorite new thing: the coolest wine rack, like, ever. As you can easily see here, what makes it so cool is that it's wall-mountable, and here at YOUHANGIT, we're all about conserving space, especially for you urbanites and apartment dwellers. 

But what you don't see or  may not have guessed, is that this sweet baby also employs another of our favorite things: repurposed wood and the implementation of thoughtful, progressive upcycling. It's people who make things like this that understand one simple thing: without reusing what we have around us, it won't matter how great our swanky pads are, because right outside our doors will be the umbilical whiplash humanity has caused by — in the frankest terms — nonchalance and apathy.

That's why we were so thrilled to see and virtually meet Elizabeth Logsdon, the brains behind Rough Draft DIY, who makes the coolest wine racks ever. As you can imagine, one of our very first questions for Logsdon was, "How do you hang these wine racks?" and, "What kind of hardware do you need?" Logsdon's response was simple, and that's why we love it even more: "They are mounted by two #8 three-inch-long cabinet screws that are installed into wall anchors."

Logsdon went on to add, "[The] wine racks are all made of reclaimed wood—most of it salvaged from the Long Beach, NY boardwalk after it was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy." Okay, now we're really talking about a project we can get behind and truly fall in love with. Taking a negative and turning it into a positive is also a huge part of YOUHANGIT culture, so whenever we come across people and entities that are making change by simply tilting their heads to see the world through a different lens, it moves us, keeps us going, and helps make our team better.

You can easily use two YOUHANGITs to make the perfect marks on the wall for one of Logsdon's handcrafted wine racks. Utilizing the hands-free YOULEVEL will help you ensure the rack is even on the wall surface you choose — simply place it atop the handmade wine rack and wait for the bubble in the blue liquid to center, then push into the wall, pull away, and you'll have markers to place your wine rack. 

Want to check out other styles of wine racks made of repurposed wood not featured in this blog? You can visit Logsdon's Etsy shop at Rough Draft DIY. Cheers!