COMMAND Hooks and YOUHANGIT: How to Hang a Curtain Rod Affordably

Command hooks: 5lbs capacity in brushed nickel for under $7

Command hooks: 5lbs capacity in brushed nickel for under $7

Just because you're living somewhere you don't plan on staying at for long doesn't mean you won't need the privacy that curtains offer. No one wants to see you prancing around to tunes by Prince in your bachelor pad — we've been there, and it's not okay.

To avoid being like Ugly Naked Guy from Friends, here are a few affordable tools you can use to hang curtains using COMMAND hooks from 3M along with our YOULEVEL and YOUHANGIT wall hanging system.

Picking Curtains for Your Pad: How to Choose Patterns that Reflect You Affordably

There are many places you can go to find drapes and curtains, but many of these places offer excessively priced options. Instead, head to online stores — do your best to support small business if you can by shopping small online storefronts on Etsy or Amazon Handmade. (Note: regardless of where you go, make sure you know both the length and width measurements to avoid refunds, send-backs, and other time killers.)

After leveling and marking with YOULEVEL and YOUHANGIT, use Command hooks to hang curtain rod

After leveling and marking with YOULEVEL and YOUHANGIT, use Command hooks to hang curtain rod

If you're unable to find affordable curtains in places like those listed above, go with larger sites for lower prices. Ecommerce sites like Overstock, Wayfair, and Amazon all offer curtains at decent prices suitable for the bachelor (or bachelorette).

Choose curtains from colors, prints, and solids that match your existing decor (if you have any) or that simply feel like the best fit for your sense of style more broadly.

How to Hang Curtains with Wall Hanging Products: Command Hooks and YOUHANGIT

Now that you've chosen your curtains online or off, it's time to get those bad boys over your windows, French doors, or sliding glass doors. Use the YOULEVEL to hang curtains by attaching it to the curtain rod with the bands that come in the YOUHANGIT Designer Kit. Adhere a YOUHANGIT to each curtain rod end.

Get on a stool or ladder if you need to reach heights you can't on your own. Hold the curtain rod in place, and when the bubble in the blue liquid of the YOULEVEL is in the middle, it's time to squish the curtain rod into the wall so the YOUHANGITs on both ends can make their marks — this is where you'll place the Command Hooks. Unless you're planning on hanging very heavy curtains, the 5-pound hooks from Command will work perfectly.

Your marks are in place, adhere your Command hooks to the wall, feed your curtains onto the curtain rod, and up it goes on the wall with ease utilizing these user-friendly wall hanging products. Perfection! And may we say, perfect for those living in transitional spaces, as the Command hooks come off without leaving a mark. Also great for anyone on a tight budget, and those who simply want to steer clear of using curtain rod hardware, screws, anchors, etc.