How to Hang a Heavy Mirror Without Studs

Time to get that heavy mirror on the wall!

Time to get that heavy mirror on the wall!

Maybe learning how to hang a heavy mirror wasn't exactly what you had in mind on your list of fun things to do this coming weekend. But with YOUHANGIT, you can hang a heavy mirror without studs — and it's crazy easy, we promise.



Why Heavy Mirrors Are Best Hung With Wire Hangers

While a good number of mirrors and other wall art are made to hang with wire hangers, many others are made with sawtooth hardware, D-rings, keyholes, or double keyholes.

There is certainly nothing wrong with these options, and YOUHANGIT can easily walk you through how to hang with any type of hardware. But for large or heavy mirrors, just as with large paintings, the easiest and safest way to hang is by using a wire hanger.

If your heavy mirror does not already have a wire hanger on its back, here's a video about how to attach a wire hanger effectively:



What to Do Once You've Installed the Wire Hanger on Your Heavy Mirror

Now you have the most popular and sensible way to hang a mirror installed on the back of the item you would like to hang on your wall. So what should you do next? Grab your YOUHANGIT Designer Kit from this Website,, or offline at Michaels Craft Stores (here's the Michaels store locator for your convenience).

Depending on how heavy your mirror is, you will choose two Sexy Metal Hooks in one of the following: 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100-pound hooks.

(NOTE: the Designer Kit comes with only one 100-pound hook, so if you need more than one, you can buy more Sexy Metal Hooks individually on Amazon by clicking here.)

Once you have chosen your two hooks, simply pick the spot on your wall where you would like to hang your mirror — with or without a stud. You will make a mark on the wall using the "How to Make a Mark for a Wire Hanger" instructions available in the YOUHANGIT YouTube series seen here.

Once you have your mark, you're going to gently hammer in your two Sexy Metal Hooks equidistant on either side of the mark.

By using two hooks instead of one, you add more security to the wire hanger and also keep it from swaying off balance and becoming crooked if someone walks into it or simply uncentering over time as items hung with one hook so often do.

It really is that simple! We would love to see your mirrors up on the wall. To share your YOUHANGIT-hung mirrors with us, please post them on our DIY Facebook page or share them with us on Twitter by mentioning @YOUHANGIT in your tweet.

We look forward to seeing your heavy mirrors hung on walls without studs!