YOULEVEL: The Single Most Useful Tool After Earthquakes, Tornadoes, and Other Natural Disasters

Maybe our favorite standalone part of the YOUHANGIT arsenal: the YOULEVEL

Maybe our favorite standalone part of the YOUHANGIT arsenal: the YOULEVEL

Recently, one of our YHI Team Members living in Central California experienced a 4.9 magnitude earthquake. Thankfully, everything was okay, and no one was harmed. While 4.9 may not seem like a huge earthquake, it's certainly enough to throw things off balance, including all the framed photos, artwork, mirrors, and other items hung on the wall. This got us to thinking: the YOULEVEL — our hands-free level found in many of the YOUHANGIT Kits you can find in our online store, on Amazon, and at Michaels — is a pretty great tool on its own.

After you've gone through the process of hanging all your art, speakers, photos, mirrors, and other wall-mountable items upon moving in to a new space, keep your YOULEVEL in an easy-to-reach and find place.

As in the instance of our YHI Team Member, the YOULEVEL allowed her to re-level all the artwork in her home without breaking out any large, unwieldy tools like some of the other hands-free levels you see on the market today (huge, wacky looking contraptions) that are sold separately, whereas the YOULEVEL is sold both as a one-off item as well as in most of the YOUHANGIT Kits, including the Designer Kit, the Decor and More Kit, the Sounder Kit, and others.

If your home withstands the blows of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, tornado, or hurricane and you're lucky enough for it not to destroy your house, the YOULEVEL allows you to quickly and easily ensure that all your wall-mounted art, photos, shelves, and mirrors are hanging straight.

This simple tool is so easy to use: it takes pretty much zero direction, but here's some anyway — check out this video on the various ways the YOULEVEL works for leveling art and photos as well as for things like leveling curtain rods, towel racks, surge protectors, and other items before you hang them.

Our other favorite thing about the YOULEVEL is how portable it is. You can carry it in your pocket as you make your way through your house, checking on each individual frame, canvas, or even candelabra.

Our homage to the YOULEVEL is a personal one: of course, this is a product we sell and have always stood by as a key contributor to successful wall hanging jobs. But understanding now that it can be utilized as a tool to make life just a little bit easier after a rough and tumble afternoon or early morning with Mother Nature... makes this innovative hands-free level that much cooler in our eyes.