How To Hang a Double Keyhole Shelf with YOUHANGIT—Avoid Making the Evening News

Proceed with caution—or with YOUHANGIT!

Proceed with caution—or with YOUHANGIT!

You found the shelf of your dreams. It matches the décor in your office perfectly, and the manufacturer details guarantee this handsome shelving unit can hold up to 50 pounds. With your favorite 50 pounds of books on the floor next to you, it begins… how to hang a shelf.

So you Google, hang out on YouTube, chat up some friends. The reassurance you were looking for isn’t really there: “Have fun man,” and, “Call me when it’s over,” are common themes within these conversations. Why? Because you have the mother of all hanging projects on your hands—the double keyhole shelving unit, and without the right help, it could become a domestic incident.

This unnerving task requires using manufacturer hardware without any method for marking where keyhole hardware should go. It quickly becomes evident you’re going one of two ways: eyeball it and live with the results, or go Breaking Bad on this shelf until it is 97% pure—and without the help of the YOUHANGIT Designer Kit, hanging a double keyhole shelf is a task that has afflicted humanity for millennia.

When you use the YHI system to hang a double keyhole shelf, all of the anguish vanishes into the ethers of human history. The Black Plague nearly eradicated humanity, and then the most basic antibiotic was invented—enormous problem, simple answer. The YHI product line is the simple answer to the enormous problem of how to hang a double keyhole shelf.

You can watch this video on how to hang a shelf the YHI way, but if you hate videos, it’s basically this basic (seriously):

·      Peel stickers from two of the white plastic YOUHANGIT thingies

·      Stick the YOUHANGIT plastic thingies on top of the keyholes

·      Remove the red safety plugs

·      Find the place on the wall where you want the shelf to go (this is probably taking longer than anything else, mister finicky pants)

·      Level the sweet blue liquid indicator on top of your shelf and make sure it’s… you know, level

·      Squish that sucker into the wall

·      Pull away, and note the evolution of man: two perfectly marked spots for your double keyhole hardware to go

Now that you have the perfect mark for BOTH keyholes (instead of the old “wedge my face and my arm with a pencil between the shelf and the wall to make the next mark” method,) you’re ready to start screwing in the hardware that came with your shelf. Your shelf is hung, and now all those books are in perfect sightline. You’re a double genius. And now, everyone can see how incredibly literary you are—or at least, how literary you enjoy appearing.

Wanna make it even easier and eliminate the drill from your life? Try using Tap-N-Lock Drywall Anchors and Screws in conjunction with YHI and never find yourself wobbling atop a chair with a drill again.

janie diaz