Not Sure About Something?

Not sure about how to hang picture frames with YOUHANGIT? Or maybe you have a question about hanging home décor that hasn’t been answered in any of the extensive "how to hang" video library on our YouTube Channel. We want to make sure that you get the clarity and peace of mind that comes from finding the answers to your questions.

Feel free to browse this section of frequently asked questions about how to hang pictures, mirrors, speakers, shelves, surge protectors, and much more. There is a good chance someone like you has already had the same question, so we’ve included answers to a lot of the most popular questions people have had either before purchasing YHI hanging hardware or after they’ve received their picture hanging hardware.

If you are not able to find the answers to your questions in this section, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about YOUHANGIT's picture hanging tools, hooks, leveling system and more.

  • 1. What does MINUS1ONE mean?

    Let’s take a look, shall we? Minus means to make less by the subtraction of; or, a negative quantity. One means a single unit or individual. Our goal as a deep green-minded company is to decrease waste—one package, one individual at a time.
    The MINUS1ONE program means we are subtracting from the amount of plastic added to landfills by offering you innovative packages that are easy to open, reusable, recyclable... and really, really cool. So step up and let’s work together at making things better — MINUS1ONE package at a time.


  • 2. What’s different about YOUHANGIT’s package designs?

    Our MINUS1ONE Designer Kit is made out of PETE#1, one of the most recyclable plastics in the world. Recycled YOUHANGIT packaging is fabricated using anything from juice bottles in Philly to Patagucci polar fleece from the tundra.
    But easy recyclability is just one feature of the MINUS1ONE package. It’s also entirely reusable. YOUHANGIT offers a variety of refill kits, with anything from 100-pound hooks to the hands-free YOULEVEL. Simply purchase the parts you need and pop them right back in the original, re-closable package.
    The high standard set by our refill kit packaging MINUS1ONE vision has also given us something to be proud of: the chance to create a legacy of never leaving excess plastics in landfills. How do we achieve this with out using regular plastic, or so much of it? Well, the pieces are simply attached to recycled craft board using an innovative piece called the ZipRivet, making our refill kits easy to open, accessible, and as always, completely recyclable.
    Our designs throw everything you’ve ever known about packaging out the window. Our MINUS1ONE vision is stuffed to the brim with environmentally friendly ideas and brilliantly simple user-friendliness. We want our vision to put the industry standard on its head, making way for new, innovative ideas that will positively impact us, our Earth, and future generations globally. We are not afraid to do the right thing, and we hope that our innovative package designs will spread to manufacturers, creative thinkers, and consumers everywhere. But most of all, we hope that our vision inspires YOU!


  • 3. If the rest of the world has accepted hard-to-open packaging, why did the YOUHANGIT team decide to design a package that was different than the norm?

    Because we could not accept that packages should be so hard to open—it’s like, you bought it, but you can’t have it—unless you’re willing to risk life and (literally) limb to get in. Plus, the motive behind the YOUHANGIT innovations was all about making life a lot simpler and showing the world just how easy it was to hang it right the first time, beginning with an easy to open package. So why package our life-changing hanging system, which is a source of total happiness in something that was its exact opposite—a tough-to-open, factory-sealed box whose only legacy would be bleeding fingers and built-up landfills? We pondered this… and decided that doing the right thing might cost us more, but loving the Earth and supporting YOUHANGIT fans and people who love to hang art and other beautiful things in their homes was infinitely more important.

    The MINUS1ONE program helped us create packages that enhance the innovation they showcase along with simplifying your personal experience: using easy to open, reusability, and materials that are 100% recyclable.


  • 4. What is the easiest way to open the Designer Kit packaging?

    Okay, ready for this? Take a pair of scissors in one hand. Pick up the Designer Kit in the other. Clip the top tab, then the bottom one. You’re done! Your YOUHANGIT kit should pop open like a bag of Pirate’s Booty. There’s no scissor stabbing, screwdriver prying or need for a chainsaw: those two small tabs marked with the “YHI” logo are the gatekeepers to your hanging bliss!


  • 5. If I already have a Designer Kit, are the refills easy to open?

    Would you expect anything less? Our wall hanging system refill kit design stems from the simple, genius idea of earring displays. The only piece you have left after removing the earrings is a small piece of plastic or cardboard—there isn’t a single wasted piece of plastic in sight. So rather than manufacture millions of plastic bags that were only going to be ripped open and thrown away, we used the same idea to display our refill kits: the pieces are attached to a backing made of 100% recycled craft board, using only a small piece of plastic that we call the ZipRivet. Once you’ve removed the YOUHANGIT pieces, Sexy Metal Hooks, or YOULEVEL, you can recycle everything that’s left—and that, dear friends, is a glorious thing.


  • 6. Is the MINUS1ONE packaging reusable?

    That would be a resounding yes. The MINUS1ONE package will snap shut like a mini-toolbox and it can be refilled with new YOUHANGIT devices, plus our Sexy Metal Hooks you use most and will buy time and time again. The YOUHANGIT kits tuck it neatly away in your kitchen drawer, including the handsfree level (YOULEVEL) you’ll absolutely fall in love with. You can use the MINUS1ONE package to store whatever you want — be it sticky notes, thumbtacks, or that used piece of chewing gum you’re saving for later.


  • 7. Is YOUHANGIT packaging recyclable?

    We wouldn’t have it any other way. When it comes to appreciating Earth’s grandeur, we’ve had the best of it. The towering mountains surrounding the Salt Lake Valley are home to numerous canyons, forests, and fantastic vistas. With the best playground in our backyard, it was a simple choice for team YOUHANGIT to cut down on landfill waste by making packaging for our wall hanging system recyclable. And since we don’t do anything halfway, our MINUS1ONE program creates a variety of packages that are made from recycled craft board and from PETE#1 plastic, one of the most recyclable plastics in the world. We’re not here to mess around, and yes, we actually hug trees.


  • 8. Should I hang on to the Designer Kit packaging?

    Go right ahead! It’s easy to find another way to utilize our multi-use package. With a lid that snaps back into place and a size that’s perfect for knick-knack drawers, you won’t have any problem. But remember, Team YOUHANGIT offers refill kits that replenish the YOUHANGIT devices, Sexy Metal Hooks and the kick ass, hands-free YOULEVEL! If you’re thinking of saying sayonara, don’t forget one of the MINUS1ONE package’s biggest benefits: it’s ultra-easy recyclability.


  • 9. Can I eat the MINUS1ONE packaging?

    Sadly, no, le sigh. The fearless YOUHANGIT VP of Manufacturing and Design tried and learned the hard way that it’s a bad idea, regardless of how much mayo… or Vegenaise you apply.


  • 10. Were any animals harmed in the making of YOUHANGIT's packaging?

    Animals love YOUHANGIT too, because their owners can support their pet fancy by hanging pictures of Puff and Spot indiscriminately throughout the house. We’re dedicated to the environment and dedicated to promoting a less-wasteful lifestyle, right down to the dogs, cats, and yes, even you with the wall hanging fish tank. Our MINUS1ONE program takes that motto to the limit: our MINUS1ONE packaging is easy to open, recyclable, re-closeable, and reusable—and our craft package refill kits are just as recyclable. We want to make the world a little bit better, one less package at a time.

    Join the MINUS1ONE challenge today!