How do I Hang Using:

How does YOUHANGIT work? What is a YOULEVEL? This video allows you to see just how simple it can be to position, level, and make the perfect mark on the wall for your artwork, photos, mirrors, shelves, sound bars, speakers, curtain rods, wall sconces, candelabras, and literally anything else you can think of.

The most commonly asked question we get—probably because we refer to our main product as a "squishy thingy"—is how to use it. The YOUHANGIT, while squishy and funky, indeed, is so easy to use it will knock your proverbial socks off.

So we've decided to break down how to use YOUHANGIT into four core categories that are well organized, easy to understand, and will help you grasp how awesome the squishiness is. The most basic, universal premise you'll need to understand about how to use our wall marking system for pictures is that all you really have to do is peel the paper away from the adhesive and stick the YOUHANGIT right over the keyhole, sawtooth, wire hanger, or D-ring.

Beyond that, you'll get a lot more in-depth knowledge on how the YOUHANGIT wall hanging system works for each of these when you click on each category listed above, and you'll definitely get a great understanding and have a very clarifying "AHA!" moment by clicking here to watch this video about the best wall marking and leveling system known to humanity.


In addition to the squishy thingy you see in the video, you'll also be using the YOULEVEL: this is the world's most user-friendly level, and we have the happy customers to prove it. Beyond that, our years of use in the field have given us the empirical data that we needed to move forward—so we know that people don't just love the YOULEVEL leveling device because they say so—we know it because it's proven to work on any project you can throw at it. Whether you're learning how to hang a soundbar for the first time or you're a seasoned vet in hanging shelves the easy way, we promise, you'll be blown away by your new-found ability to position, level, and mark in one simple step.

So come on in, click the button that represents the kind of hanging system you're using to get your art, photos, candelabras, sound bars, towel racks, and mirrors up on the wall. We've got your back... literally!