JC Pino
  • Where is Home: Atlanta, GA
  • Artistic Medium: Acrylics and Glass Painting
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Cereal: Allergic
  • Favorite Food: The one that makes me happy!!
  • Favorite Drink: Coca Cola
  • Favorite Place on Earth: Anywhere with Magic and History
  • Favorite Board Game: Monopoly
  • Favorite Music: The Baroque
  • Favorite Magazine: National Geographic
  • Favorite Movie: Gone with the Wind
  • Favorite Website: Louis Vuitton
  • Hot or Cold: Cold
  • Morning or Night: Night
  • Cat or Dog: Dog
  • Outdoor Interests: Staying Well and Happy

JC Pino

As a boy, JC remembers being seated at his desk, drawing and painting trees and horses—until later events brought recognition to his talent, JC assumed all other children were doing the same things at their desks. Upon winning some children’s art contests that JC had casually ventured into, the artist was at last publicly revealed—to this point, he had shown inherent skill in painting that family members were not able to see as exceptional.

Born in Venezuela, JC was exposed to a unique blend of cultures, races, and flavors of the Caribbean, and Afro-Iberian worlds. Under the powerful influence of his parents, JC thrived in ways many of his peers could not have—JC’s father was a man of military background—and a top executive in the oil industry. As such, he gave JC the best education available, and in turn, JC inherited his father’s love of nature. JC’s mother, a woman dedicated to her family and a passionate interior designer, gave him the knowledge of history, the arts, and styles from baroque to contemporary, and beyond. Both parents supported extensive travel and inspired JC to be his innate, unique self, and strive for the best.

His father had him take endless private music and sports lessons aside from his Catholic schoolwork, where he found the passion for equestrian life form as subject that was canvas-worthy. An education in business, including international affairs, was the path JC was encouraged to take; art school or professional direction in the arts has not been part of JC’s life so far.

Few could possibly know until they see his artwork that the businessman that stands before them who followed his father into the corporate world is among today’s most important contemporary artists. With a style that is so varied and eclectic, the body of JC’s work is truly a feast for the eyes and a festival of emotions for anyone who lays eyes upon it.

Website: JCPinoGallery.com