Hanging Vintage Clocks: Same as New Ones, Only Different

Clocks from mass retailers? Ain't nobody got time for that!

Clocks from mass retailers? Ain't nobody got time for that!

Whether you made it yourself out of thrift store finds, had it handed down to you, or found it at an antique shop, there is something magical about vintage clocks—they give a contemporary space dimension that other wall accessories can’t—because they tell time. What’s more, they make awesome conversation pieces, especially if you made it yourself (hopefully it’s better than that ashtray you made your mom in first grade, what a mess) or if it is a family heirloom.

Vintage clocks or those made with vintage components must be hung with care, but before you mount that ticker on the wall, make sure everything is solid with the electrical by simply plugging it in to an outlet, setting the correct time, and checking in on it 12-24 hours later to see if it is still telling the correct time. If everything seems solid, right on, get to hanging. If not, you should be able to find a local watch repair that can help you, and if all else fails, you can look into DIY ways to repair a clock online to see if you can figure out what’s keeping your clock from staying on time.

Once you have established your vintage clock works as well as it looks, you can begin to prepare the YOUHANGIT wall hanging system with your clock for placement on the wall.

We recommend that you use a screw rather than a nail, and of course, as always, if the clock is particularly heavy, you’ll want to use a screw anchor such as the Tap N Lock from Lowes, which will ensure that when you hang a vintage clock on the wall, it stays in place just as you want it to.

Most wall hanging clocks, both antique and contemporary utilize the single keyhole hanger. Here’s a quick video to help you understand how to hang a clock with a keyhole:

A vintage wall clock from the 1960s or early 1970s is all the rage right now. Interior designers and everyday people are starting to get into this trend more and more for living rooms and kitchens especially, but if you can find a cute kid-centric vintage clock for the nursery or kid’s room, it’s a practical and functional accessory that sets your child’s room apart from all the mass retail stuff we see all day everyday everywhere we turn.

Vintage and upcycled clocks are great ways to contribute to doing the right thing for the planet, lowering your personal carbon footprint, all while decorating your home in a manner that is way cooler than your friends, which is the true meaning of life, in case you were unaware.