The Big Spice Rack: Add Room for More with Better Decor in the Kitchen

Coke Bottle Spice Rack from Nine Red

Coke Bottle Spice Rack from Nine Red

If you’ve ever been the proud owner of a spice rack, you know that store-bought prefab spice racks are generally not very big, and intended for those lil’ spice containers, usually the plastic ones. Let’s get all Emeril up in here and “kick it up a notch!” with a huge spice rack that shows off your spicy side with roomy compartments for plenty of seasonings.

How big do you want it? How big do you like it? Make a spice rack yourself from repurposed pallet wood, or cruise around Etsy and other homemade goods sites, and check out Pinterest—you can do an entire spice wall if that’s what you’re into, or at the very least, get away from the spice rack that looks like it was intended for gnomes.

Of course, the best way to hang something as large and as heavy as your new colossal spice rack is going to be a double keyhole situation. Not unlike the Jersey Shore character, “The Situation,” many people consider double keyholes a situation because they are a nightmare to deal with, just as the TV personality who graces the Garden State is. Fear not! When using our system, literally all you have to do is place the sticky YOUHANGIT thingy over the keyholes, remove the pokey thingy (carefully), take off the stickers, and smash that sucker against the wall once you’ve ensured it is level using the world’s best, most versatile wall level: YOULEVEL. Just check out how easy this system works:

If you like fresh spices and/or you’re a big fan of buying organic and bulk spices, make a spice rack that can handle small mason jars. This way, you’ll always have loads of room to pack in as much paprika, garlic salt, turmeric, and even your own mixes for barbeque, rubs, marinades, and more. The monster “Coke Bottle Spice Rack” from Nine Red pictured above is perfect for this kind of business, and if you have a busy kitchen with all kinds of meals going all the time, you can’t beat the visibility, storage capacity, and visual appeal this beauty brings to the most important room of the home.

We like the monster-sized spice rack because we feel it encourages a couple of good habits: growing your own herbs, potentially, and at the very least, buying herbs and spices from whole food markets and health food co-ops rather than settling for the stuff in the plastic jars that isn’t as tasty and that is often preserved with… we’re not really sure what.

So start creating your own spice rack that can handle a ton of varieties in large jars. You’ll save money too—and that never hurts! If you don’t want to make your own, check out Spice Expressions on Etsy—they have some sweet, unique spice racks that are sure to knock your kitchen clogs off—some even come complete with custom spices included already!