Is That a YOULEVEL in Your Pocket or are You Just Happy to See Me?

The YOULEVEL: on the go, wherever YOU go!

The YOULEVEL: on the go, wherever YOU go!

Both. You’ll be happy to see anyone once you have the convenience of the YOULEVEL in your life. Well, for some of you, it might take coffee and the YOULEVEL before you’d be happy to see anyone—we understand.

So what makes the YOULEVEL so different from other levels? Why is it so awesome? To begin, you’ll get one in any YOUHANGIT Designer Kit you purchase, or you can buy it on its own. It is the only wall level of its kind—nothing else even comes close. Here are just a few reasons why:

The YOULEVEL can be carried in your pocket: bring it wherever you’re headed, whether that’s just to the other end of the house to hang something else, or off to your mom’s house to help her hang (yes, another) picture of a cat.

The YOULEVEL is 100% hands-free: no matter what you’re leveling, from a simple framed piece of artwork to a curtain rod, a sound bar, mirror, shelf, or even a candelabra, the YOUELEVEL allows you to level the item you are hanging without having to hang on to the level itself.

For framed items simply slip the credit-card-thin fin between the glass and the frame; the YOULEVEL will stay perfectly in place while you position perfectly, and then squish the frame against the wall to make your perfect marks with the YOUHANGIT(s) you have adhered to the back.

The YOULEVEL: use bands to secure to curtain rods and more

The YOULEVEL: use bands to secure to curtain rods and more

For curtain rods and similar cylindrical items, simply use the bands that come with the YOULEVEL by wrapping them around the rod and attaching them to either side of the YOULEVEL. That sucker ain’t goin’ nowhere!

It is durable but not rigid: the YOULEVEL can chill in your pocket, drawer, or in the MINUS1ONE packaging it came in and doesn’t have to be coddled to survive. It’s not bendy, per se, but it can take a bit of a beating—no problemo.

It’s white and blue: unlike the classic (but not more user-friendly) level you are so used to seeing, the YOULEVEL has a white exterior with blue liquid for the level bubble—this makes it stand out among other items in your toolkit or toolbox unlike the classic black or grey and yellow levels that tend to be plus or minus the size of the actual toolbox itself. And don’t let size fool you; giant levels are more cumbersome, less effective, harder to hold onto, and basically, just not as good.

You can level anything: there is nothing we have tried to position and hang to date that could not be leveled properly by the YOULEVEL. No matter what you’re hanging, this is the level for you. Keep it in your pocket during moving-in day, keep it in your toolbox or our user-friendly and refillable MINUS1ONE package. Once you’ve used the YOULEVEL, we know you’ll have a lot of other leveling devices up for grabs at your next garage sale. It’s that good!