Why YOUHANGIT Should Be On Your Black Friday Wish List

Seriously, can we not?

Seriously, can we not?

Short and simple answer: a huge number of you are going to give and receive gifts that require hanging on the wall. From that coveted piece of art work in the gallery window your wife has had her eye on to the sound bar you have been drooling over all year long—you’re gonna have to hang things right the first time to enjoy them.

The smart thing to do would be to purchase a YOUHANGIT Designer Kit ahead of time—the reason for this is that this is the most all-inclusive package we offer. This nifty bundle contains:

6: YOUHANGIT adhesive devices

1: YOULEVEL with 2 pairs of rubber bands (for curtain rods, etc.)

1: 100-pound Sexy Metal Hook

4: heavy-duty nails

1: 50-pound Sexy Metal Hook

3: 30-pound Sexy Metal Hooks

3: 20-pound Sexy Metal Hooks

4: 10-pound Sexy Metal Hooks

13: medium nails

1: Full color instructions on how to hang sawtooth, how to hang double sawtooth, how to hang keyhole, how to hang double keyhole, how to hang wire hangers, and more

1: MINUS1ONE reusable toolbox that's refillable and eco-friendly

With all this at the ready, whether you get that painting you’ve been dreaming of or something a tad underwhelming, like that velvet Elvis your boyfriend always THOUGHT you wanted (that was what his ex wanted—you want to tear his face off, but it’s the holidays, so mistletoe, and spin the dreidel, and caroling, YAY! Anything that keeps you from a domestic incident.

You may find yourself at church, temple or the yoga studio, or other houses of worship more than once this holiday season, and it may not be for the traditional reasons: Black Friday has made mad people out of so many of us. While we’re totally all for everyone getting the gifts they want this season, it should never be at the expense of life and limb—it’s starting to look like stock footage of Fallujah at the outlet malls. Stay home on Thursday night… because the ER is going to be totes packed.

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to hang a surge protector or know 100 percent for sure you’re totally getting that 20 by 24 matted and framed photo of the Eifel Tower you haven’t been so subtle about, may we suggest Cyber Monday? This is such a much better idea, and your chances of dying at your laptop are far lower—unless you actually are in Fallujah. There’s almost nothing you can’t get online these days, and in fact, many of the things we want are only offered by retailers like the small online storefronts of Etsy, or the mass retailers like Amazon—the sellers here are not accessible on Main Street or at the local mall. You can usually get exactly what you want with online shopping, and return policies are pretty darn great with nearly all of them.

As a company, YOUHANGIT supports Small Business Saturday, and we’d like to take this opportunity to raise awareness about supporting small businesses, online and off. There’s no excuse not to go small whenever you can: you can find classic LPs, heirloom quality children’s toys, phenomenal artwork, handcrafted shelves, and a million more things when you choose to support small business this holiday season.

Buy the YOUHANGIT kit of your choice and be ready for hanging now too: those lights, angels, Santas, and stockings aren’t going to hang themselves!