How to Hang Your Christmas Tree Power Strip: Avoid the Emergency Room and the Insurance Adjustor this Holiday

Look familiar? Avoid burning your house down by hanging power strips on the wall.

Look familiar? Avoid burning your house down by hanging power strips on the wall.

Most of us love the look of a full Douglas fir in the living room during the holiday season, even those of us who aren’t religious—there’s just something so warm about gathering the family around the tree on Christmas morning and until then, watching its soft glow in the living room. That said, a soft glow can very rapidly turn into exasperation as you watch flames lick the walls by your grandfather’s portrait—all because of an overworked, outdated, and/or poorly placed power strip. All this could have been avoided by utilizing the YOUHANGIT wall hanging system to safely mount your surge protector to the wall in a balanced fashion.

When you mount a surge protector to the wall using the YOULEVEL handsfree level from YOUHANGIT, you’ll give yourself ample space to plug in all those Christmas tree lights, and naturally, let’s not forget that super classy, larger-than-life LED fiber optic angel tree topper. All of these goodies take up a lot of juice (as you know from looking at your electricity bill sometime around January 15th). That juice isn’t just expensive, it’s hot—and when you combine electricity, heat, outlets, dry wood, and the bowl of water it sits in, you have literally created the perfect tinderbox.

It’s very simple to keep from blacking out the your entire block: for years we’ve known that using a surge protector for your Christmas tree decor will help avoid blowing a fuse. However, many of us unwittingly see all these additional outlets as an opportunity to plug in more and more lights and other items. Let’s not lie to one another: we all “know that guy” (hint: it’s you) who has plugged a surge protector into a surge protector to double the outlets. What a great idea! What an awesome way to fast track your ability to finally use that home fire insurance!

When you hang a power strip, you’ll want to make sure it is level, just as you would with hanging a painting or mirror. Why? Because when a surge protector, especially a very large, complicated/expensive one is level, all the circuitry within it stands a better chance of standing up to the massive tasks you’re throwing its way. You’ll want to hang your power strip as far away from the dry part of the tree as possible, and you will also want to hang it as far away from the water base if you’re decorating a real Christmas tree that requires hydration. We could explain why this is important, but if you don’t understand why, you shouldn’t have a tree—just enjoy the one at the supervised living facility you should now be checking yourself into.

Now that you know how to hang a surge protector for your Christmas tree decorations, go and enjoy the merriment of the season—one last bit of advice: hold off on the eggnog until after you’re done working with electricity, power tools, and other hardware. May the season bring you all you wish for, minus an insurance claim on your home!

Here’s our “How to Hang a Surge Protector” video for those of you who hate reading or humor and just want to cut right to the chase: