Where Can I Hang My Stockings If I Don’t Have a Mantel? YOUHANGIT Has You Covered!

photo courtesy of Pottery Barn: click to shop!

photo courtesy of Pottery Barn: click to shop!

Not everyone has a fireplace, a mantel, a hearth, or an otherwise “obvious” place to hang stockings. Don’t get discouraged if you are one of these people—get empowered instead! You don’t have to be a Romney or a Rockefeller to get stockings hung up on the wall, and there’s more than one way to skin a cat… though with Santa’s visit around the corner, you may not want to engage in cat skinning—it’s like an instant way to get yourself on the naughty list. Instead, use one of our super innovative ways to hang stockings without a mantel.

Use a wall mounted coat rack to hang stockings

You probably already have a wall mounted coat rack in your home, working overtime with hoodies, purses, and jackets abounding. But, by purchasing a simple, white wall mounted coat rack, you can paint it seasonal colors and use the hooks to hang your stockings. The best part is that these wall racks come in so many lengths and sizes with a huge variety of hooks. So if you have a large family, you can find one with six or more hooks, or if it’s just you and the kiddos, you can find one with three. If it’s just you and your spouse… or you and your cat, you can always use any leftover hooks to hang other stuff—like a stocking for the family beta fish or some decorative ornaments.

Find a piece of pallet wood to hang stockings

repurposed wood stocking holder

repurposed wood stocking holder

You can use upcycled pallet wood, driftwood, or any other piece of “new to you” wood to get this fun DIY wall hanging project done. You can either apply it to the wall with screws and wall anchors, leveling it into position with the YOULEVEL. Once you have your upcycled piece of wood in place, use our super versatile Sexy Metal Hooks and tap as many as you need for your stockings (don’t forget Rover!) The Sexy Metal Hooks from YOUHANGIT can hold anywhere from 10 to 100 pounds—so even if you had your heart set on hanging one of those comically large Christmas stockings, no problem—you can even fill it with coal for those misfit children if need be.

Hang stockings from a shelf with hooks or pegs

The coolest thing about this idea is that once you have installed it, you do not have to take it down after the holiday season. If you hang it in a useful, utilitarian place, once the tree is lying by the curb and the stockings have come down, you can use it as a small bookshelf, a place for knickknacks, and you can hang non-seasonal items from the pegs or hooks. One note of caution: this is not the place to hang your favorite necklace or that leather vest with tassels if you have hung the shelf too low to the ground—children and animals could destroy these items or be unsafe around them.

Very, very last minute stocking hanging

If things are really last minute and you just don’t have the time to get into a DIY wall hanging project, no matter how modest, just crack open the YOUHANGIT Designer Kit and use the Sexy Metal Hooks therein by tapping them right into the wall. They’ll hold plenty of weight, and once removed, the holes left behind are so tiny you can easily fill them with a teensy dot of wall putty—none will be the wiser!

Oh, and in case you’re not yet aware of how easy the YOUHANGIT wall hanging system is to use, here’s a video that shows you all the basics for any kind of hardware you could be up against this season: