YOUHANGIT Shelf Hanging and Home Redecoration: End Marital Screaming Matches

He was there to recommend faux finish for the study, but where's your decorator now? Brave the DIY wilds with YHI!

He was there to recommend faux finish for the study, but where's your decorator now? Brave the DIY wilds with YHI!

You hired the best conceptual interior designer in town. Wealthy people at cocktail parties boasted about their rococo partitions and the patina finish on their bathroom walls. The velvety finish of the master suite, the elegant and masterful execution of sconces in the hallways. So you bring the guy in… and a contractor, and pretty soon, you find yourself in the throes of a full-blown demolition. You’re tearing down walls, creating whole new worlds, and opening up that floor plan feels like riding a Pegasus across a rainbow made of stars.

Then everybody clears out—time to add those finishing touches—hanging your artwork, pictures of the kids, that wedding day photo you always hated because it got the “bad side” of your face. And while many of us like to add these things on the wall rather than crowd mantels or hall tables, most of us don’t know how to decorate with shelves. What is wrong with us? Is it genetic? Is it a “guy thing,” is there a spell you can cast on your drill to stop it from walking across the godforsaken wall every time you try to drill a hole?

There’s nothing wrong with you. Well, not when it comes to learning ways to hang art alone or hang shelves, anyway—there’s a lot of speculation about how you operate a motor vehicle, but that’s another matter. So how do you decorate with shelves, and the bigger question—how in the name of all that is good and right in this world do you hang a double-keyhole shelf by yourself?

You have to use YOUHANGIT. It’s pretty much that simple. It’s so easy you’ll probably skip to your decorator’s office and slap him in the face with a MIINUS1ONE YHI decorator kit package and exclaim, “Why did you not know about this, master of the decor universe?!”

So many shelf-hanging projects involve double keyholes on either side of the shelf, you know, so it hangs straight. Except that getting it to hang straight after making “guesstimate” marks on the wall, then balancing a level on top of a shelf, trying to drill holes for sleeves that make your drill tap dance across your newly painted wall, and of course, the need for the peanut gallery: “No, down, no, to the left, higher, come on Gary, HIGHER!” It’s enough to send you to the psychoanalyst. 

When you use the YHI Decorator kit (AKA The Designer Kit), you’ll have all you need to hang shelves the right way: by using the YOULEVEL that allows you to easily squish the pinpoints into the wall to make the perfect marks. Couple this with the Tap-N-Lock Drywall Anchors and Screws and welcome to shelf hanging Shangri-La.