How Shelving Adds a Sleek Look to Your Storefront

how to hang shelves in your store.jpeg

From CD display shelves to bookshelves, from those crazy wall-mounted sunglasses display shelves, there are a lot of shelves your store might need. And after trying to hang that cubbyhole grid to display the yoga mats and towels, you're probably going to need some serious time in child's pose.

But don’t be discouraged. Listen, your store needs shelves, and even if you’re going it alone, there are ways to hang a shelf all by your lonesome, or even while that new assistant you hired just sits there bemoaning her boyfriend’s idea to go to trucking school.

The core ideas are simple: You want your store to have a fresh, clean look, you want it to be organized for the sake of customers and inventory, and you need the process of getting them on the wall to be easy. “How can I hang a shelf by myself?” you ask—with YOUHANGIT.

Regardless of the kind of shelf or the type, whether it’s single or double keyhole, or if it has sawtooth hardware for hanging, the YOUHANGIT Designer kit makes it fast and easy. In some instances, such as the cubbyhole grid display shelf, you may even consider using our line of Sexy Metal Hooks—in this way, your cubbies can handle 100lbs or more, depending on how many hooks you use.

If you’re like most first-time store owners, or you just happen to have a small boutique and like to keep the sparse stylish look of a Louis Vuitton space, shelves that hang on the wall are a much better choice than their clunky cousins, regular floor-bound shelves. In addition, wall shelves generally have a sleeker look. If you’re on a budget like most retail entrepreneurs are, you’ll get more bang for your buck with wall shelving units. Spare your customers from seeing the unsightly shelving hardware of cheap shelves found at Shelves ‘R’ Us for $19.95.

If you are afraid of learning how to hang a shelf, think about the massive headache that comes with assembling one—this takes the patience of a saint and the skill of a CAD engineer. With the YHI Designer Kit, you’ll have all you need for your wall-mounted shelves—and you’ll never have to worry whether or not they are level with our amazingly easy-to-use  YOULEVEL. Check out how easy it is to hang a shelf by watching the video below!