Hanging Wall Files Don’t Have to Be Boring—Add Color and Panache to Professional Space

Well hung wall files with a dash of color make life prettier!

Well hung wall files with a dash of color make life prettier!

We’ve all seen them and many of us deal with them every day: the cheesy, plastic wall-hanging file system. They crack easily, look tacky, and offer no style or zest to the office space, doctor or veterinary office, or the already lackluster labyrinth of grey and beige cubicles.

Using wall filing systems that add color and that are made of wood or bamboo can change the mood of the space, if only for those moments around the water cooler.

Ditch the Plastic

Plastic wall hanging files are not cool, they don’t stand the test of time, and when they crack, they can present a safety hazard. In addition, as a general rule, they just can’t handle the weight that wood or metal wall hanging file systems can, nor do they have the visual appeal you are looking for, especially if they will be in the direct sightline of clients, customers, patients, and so on.

Metal Hanging Wall Files and YHI

Metal wall hanging file systems are easy to hang, and if you know you’ll be expecting a lot of your wall file holder, make sure you use screw anchors along with the hardware the file holder came with if it is not included. In this way you can ensure your files won’t wind up on the floor when someone side swipes the wall, or when that new intern tries to balance a five-pound USPS package on top of everything already in there.

The YOUHANGIT wall hanging system is ideal for hanging wall files—the double keyhole presents challenges to many people before they meet the YHI way to hang shelves and other double keyhole items easily.

You can decorate metal wall hanger files by either sanding down the original powder coating (usually black or beige) or by sanding down the aluminum finish so it soaks up color in unusual ways, giving it an ultramodern look and feel, especially when you use vibrant color choices. For those who don’t want a wall file that “pops” quite so hard but still has panache, there are some really cool YouTube videos about how to paint aluminum in unique ways that work for the tamer office space.

Wood and Bamboo Wall Files

Wood wall hanging files have been around forever, but the latest trend in… pretty much everything is bamboo. Bamboo is super awesome because it is so earth-friendly—since it is technically considered a grass and not a tree, and since cutting it back actually helps the environment and keeps trees from being cut down, it’s a total win-win, and hanging bamboo shelves or wall files is no more difficult or expensive than hanging a quality wooden wall hanger.