How to Hang Your Diploma After Eight Short Years of College

Yay! But there's only one way that diploma will stay suspended in air forever.

Yay! But there's only one way that diploma will stay suspended in air forever.

Ah, finally—the fine arts degree you’ll use to explain the in-depth plots of novels to customers at your new bookstore job! Just kidding, you earned it, and it will take you places. Now is a time for celebration—whether it’s a celebration of your Photoshop skills or you finally have some real parchment to put inside a frame, YOUHANGIT would like to congratulate you.

Now then, before the student loan statements start rolling in, grab a frame worthy of your degree. Once you have one picked out, run to the ATM and grab a few Benjamins to hide behind the old diploma... you know, break glass in case of emergency. Okay, okay, we’re done jabbin’ ya.

One thing is certain, graduate: that piece of paper—no matter how cliché it may seem to anyone else—is one that deserves to be displayed.

Some people may have their diplomas professionally matted and framed, while others may just find a diploma frame made specifically to meet the dimensions of most diplomas and other types of degrees and certifications. In either instance, your diploma will now be safe behind glass where dust, dirt, grime, and the hands of plundering children can do it no harm. Even if you don’t quite know where to hang your diploma, you should think about it—having it up on the wall is an ever-present reminder that yes, you did it. So while some of you have had the spot picked out for years, perhaps earmarked with an eight-by-ten headshot from your “acting days,” others of you are literally wandering through your home, framed diploma in hand, scouring the walls for that perfect place to hang a diploma.

Once you have found your framed diploma’s new home, use the YOULEVEL to help you mark the wall perfectly for the nail or screw you plan to hang your diploma on. What’s cool is that the YOULEVEL slides right between the glass and the frame, leaving you completely hands-free to “squish” the frame into the wall with the YOUHANGITs to make the perfect mark to hang a picture in a fraction of the time.

Now then, hang that diploma up there, shout it from the mountain tops, “I am a graduate and my diploma is prominently displayed in my home and it is perfectly level!”

In case you’re degree wasn’t heavy on the reading and you’re more of a “show me” kind of person, check out this sweet video about how to hang a picture frame straight. It shows you exactly how to apply the YOULEVEL so you can see with your own eyeballs exactly how it works. And before you press play, let us tell you again: Congrats, grads! We’re counting on you!