How to Hang Towel Racks Without Considering Hari Kari

That looks nice. Feel free to use YHI to hang that cute birdy art too! :)

That looks nice. Feel free to use YHI to hang that cute birdy art too! :)

Using the YOUHANGIT Designer Kit, you can hang towel racks faster than the tub can drain. As we’ve discussed so many times before, the YHI mantra, “Peel, Stick, Level, Squish” gets the job done whether you’re hanging a heavy mirror, a teensy picture, a sound bar, and roughly a billion other things. There aren’t many things you can’t hang with the YHI wall hanging system—heck, we’re even working on a presentation using our Sexy Metal Hooks to hang an actual human being on a wall just to prove how powerful our 100-pound hooks are. We’re just that good—and also, very modest.

Not unlike the potential terrors of the double keyhole shelf, the problem of aligning two holes for hardware vanish when you implement YOUHANGIT for hanging a towel rack or towel bar. In fact, the biggest problem you’ll probably run into is deciding where in the bathroom you want to hang your towels: right next to the shower or bathtub, by the sink, somewhere else? And let’s not forget our over-compensators out there. You know who you are. We’re not judging. But if you’re that guy or gal who likes to have three small hand towel racks, five large towel racks, and some mini racks for tiny washcloths, then hey, more power to you. Certainly no one in your household will ever have to worry about leaving the bathroom a sopping wet mess after a bath or shower—dry as a bone is the idiom that comes to mind.

All it takes is a little forethought to decide where to place the towel bars, and as a general rule, slightly below shoulder level for someone of about 5’8”. In this way, every one can reach the towels without the bars being so low that they look like an interior design mishap.

And here’s a tip for parents: make sure that the hardware that comes with your towel racks are strong enough to handle the weight of those kiddos who haven’t gotten the memo yet that towel racks are not indoor monkey bars. If you want to ensure a higher level of strength after you have made your perfect marks to hang a towel rack, YOUHANGIT recommends E-Z Ancor Tap-N-Lock Drywall Anchors and Screws. These anchors and screws are an excellent fit once you’ve created the perfectly level marks… because nothing is worse than a crooked rack, are we right?!

Check out how easy it is to hang a towel rack using the YHI system in the video below!