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Hang More Towel Racks: How and Why You Need More and How to Match Towel Bars to Existing Home Decor
How to Hang Towel Racks Without Considering Hari Kari

Using the YOUHANGIT Designer Kit, you can hang towel racks faster than the tub can drain. As we’ve discussed so many times before, the YHI mantra, “Peel, Stick, Level, Squish” gets the job done whether you’re hanging a heavy mirror, a teensy picture, a sound bar, and roughly a billion other things. There aren’t many things you can’t hang with the YHI wall hanging system—heck, we’re even working on a presentation using our Sexy Metal Hooks to hang an actual human being on a wall just to prove how powerful our 100-pound hooks are. We’re just that good—and also, very modest.

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