Wall Hanging Jewelry Organizer Simplifies Area Woman’s Life, Keeps Child From Eating Fave Earrings

Andrea Victoria Secret Garden BlingBox

Andrea Victoria Secret Garden BlingBox

Whether you’re the Diane Keaton type who scarcely wears (turquoise) jewelry or you have a gemstone collection that would put the Crown Jewels to shame, having a wall hung hideout for your accessories is smart. It keeps kids out, and if you use something that doesn’t look über fancy, it can even throw burglar’s off the scent. Get creative and get some bling organized!

Every woman who has a quality jewelry collection should have a wall hanging jewelry organizer out of the reach of children. If it’s true that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then it is also true that said best friend is in danger of being eaten or flushed down the toilet by some newly mobile offspring. When deciding on a jewelry organizer, make sure you keep kid safety—and jewelry safety—in mind. As dangerous as your littles can be to your sweet stash of stones, crystals, earrings, and other goodies, all pose threats. Choking hazards, tooth damage, or something as simple as a poke from the stem of a broach could leave you with someone who can scream for a period of time you are sure is breaking some kind of sound barrier or other record.

So why do most people not decide on a hanging jewelry organizer even though they are a great way to lower hazards and stay better organized? Because most of them are equipped with the ever-dreaded double keyhole hangers, which until the YOUHANGIT hanging system came along meant all kinds of guesswork. Without a handsfree level or the old “Peel, Stick, Level, Squish” mantra that comes with the easiest way to hang double keyhole hardware, many people have opted out of wall hangings they really like, choosing a lesser desired option simply because it came with less headaches. (The video above proves YOUHANGIT has revolutionized hanging with double keyhole hardware!)

So where should you hang your jewelry organizer—the bathroom, the closet, by the vanity? What suits your needs best and best ensures kids can’t get into your precious gems? Even if you don’t have kids, you don’t want to risk the off chance of an accident with a friend’s child, a niece or nephew, or an adorable street urchin who climbs in through a window. So if you have the kind of wall hanger that has lower rungs for hanging necklaces, make sure they are not low enough for little hands to reach.

And of course, most jewelry cases meant for walls are not meant for heavy artillery. So earrings and necklaces, rings and bracelets: right on. Scepters, jewel-bedecked crowns, and your collection of pageant tiaras will have to find someplace else to live—like a giant gun safe or Elton John’s place. Learn more about the Décor & More Kit from YHI to get the job done by clicking here!