Hanging Creative Shelves With Wall Decals: Make Your Kid’s Room All The Organized Rage

simpleshapes.com shelving tree

simpleshapes.com shelving tree

Maybe you’ve seen the commercials for trendy new wall decals for home decor. Companies that make these offer all kinds of cool stuff ranging from life-sized sports heroes to decals of your own kids. One of the cutest new trends, however, are tree decals for nurseries—and when you add shelves that match the color scheme of your apple, orange, or sapling decal, now you’ve got a cute little way to brighten up the room and keep it organized too.

To this we turn to a couple of places: First, you have to drop by SimpleShapes.com to pick out the cutest tree wall decals ever that come in three styles for nurseries, and are made specifically for using in conjunction with shelves. While SimpleShapes doesn’t offer the shelving units themselves, for each of the three styles they explain which shelf sizes will work for each, and how many you’ll need so your wall doesn’t wind up looking like a scene out of the alternate director’s cut of Hansel and Gretel.

You can get your appropriately-sized shelves and the right hardware for them from Lowes, for example, or make your own if you want to add your own personal touch from mom or dad, or grandpawp… just make sure that sucker’s sanded… like, a lot.

Once you have your tree decal up on the wall (because you followed the directions perfectly and didn’t destroy ANY of the branches because the baby was due yesterday) you can start to add your adorable shelves. 

And there you were. In the Congo… with the wild boar, known for his—oh wait, it’s a worse fate than a wild boar—it’s a… DOUBLE KEYHOLE SITUATION! Heaven help us all! The double keyhole hardware on the back of shelves is there for a good reason: it adds security, and they were not thought up just as a form of torture. Nonetheless, they are torturous when you don’t have an easy way to hang double keyhole shelves.

When you use YOUHANGITs to hang double keyhole shelves, it’s easier than you possibly could have imagined, especially if you have been up against these beasts before. All you have to do is Peel, Stick, Level, Squish (for more on that, see the video below—we know you don’t believe us, it’s hard to believe extremely attractive people sometimes.)

Anyway, once your decals are up, and you’ve got your perfect marks for your shelves in place thanks to the handy YOUHANGIT system, it’s time to drill, baby drill (please don’t make your baby do the drilling—or go wolf hunting in a helicopter.)

Do make sure you use screw anchors—this is always important for shelves, but especially in the room where your precious cargo will be drifting off to sleep each night, safety is more important than ever before. And of course, even when you use screw anchors and the best hardware for your double keyhole shelves, you’ll still want to make sure those shelves are high up in those branches. It may not seem like those seven pounds of person could be destructive or reach that antique nursery ornament, but in the blink of an eye that changes, so don’t take any unnecessary risks.

Now you have all the answers to baby room decor and organization. Because even the most hectic moments are worth it—and a lot less hectic when shelves aren’t falling down!