Hanging 45 Hoodies and 23 Winter Jackets on One Wall Coat Rack Isn’t Cute or Safe

OMG, that is SO much better!

OMG, that is SO much better!

Do you live in one of those households lacking in closet space? Has this prompted you to use a wall coat rack? Great space-saving idea, but you may want to try using two or more racks if you have kids, live in the Arctic Circle, or use these racks to hang backpacks, purses, hats and heavy coats.

The YHI wall hanging system will allow you to hang two to three racks in the time it would have taken you to hang one, even with the typical double-keyhole style and hardware these racks are equipped with. Stay organized and keep it neat: use more than one wall hung coat rack if you have a million items or a million pounds of stuff to hang on the wall.

If you’re like any household with kids or just a bunch of people, that likely means a lot of clutter, especially if you’re in a situation where you have to make the absolute best use of space. Communal living is totally the new black, meshing perfectly with organic gardening, tandem bike rides to protest rallies, and executive hoodies. We get it.

But if you want to make 1000 square feet feel like 1500, organizational and space-saving additions like wall hung coat racks, closet organizers, wall hung shelves, and basically anything that keeps stuff off the floor and out of heavy traffic areas is a must. Teach your tyke that stacking blocks in the middle of the hallway is a gateway drug to Jenga—a serious addiction. Once you’ve tackled that, head to the local hardware store and grab what you need: as many jacket racks, backpack racks, wall hung hat racks it takes to turn your joint from upside down to right side up, and well hung.

Before you execute the patented YOUHANGIT “Peel, Stick, Level, Squish” to mount your racks (that’s not what it sounds like, take it easy) make sure you are spacing them out enough to accommodate your collection of ski suits, beanies, scarves, rucksacks, purses, and baby bags. Give a good 12 inches (or more if you can) between the racks, and definitely use screw anchors to make sure that hardware can withstand plenty of weight. If you want to hang wall racks straight and all at the same height for a clean look, make sure you measure from the ground up, then you can leave the rest to the YOULEVEL to make sure each rack is hung right the first time.

After all, it’s always nice to not have to remove 30 jackets to find one (teeny adorable) baby winter jumper. Now you can keep the clutter off the floor and from wasting precious closet space (those giant Northface puffy coats are killers even for a walk-in.) Enjoy your newfound space and the harmony it provides via organization. Now get to that grassroots rally!