Repurpose Pallets Against Your Wall to Hang Speakers, Pictures, and More

Image courtesy of Minha Casa. Get Inspired!

Image courtesy of Minha Casa. Get Inspired!

When people move into a new home, very few of them say to themselves, “You know what would look amazing right there? A bunch of those wooden slat thingys they use to transport all manner of goods across the planet.” And yet, the pallet wall is kind of all the rage in the rustic, roots-y, repurpose-y decor underworld. They add tons of character, they are extremely budget friendly, they can be painted or finished to match any room or existing furniture, and when you hang it right the first time, a pallet wall can be used to hang other things.

Add a splash of panache to your living space with a pallet wall and use it to hang speakers, artwork, mirrors and more with our rockin’ YOULEVEL. Now let’s get to work!

First, in case you weren’t aware, pallets don’t come ready to mount to a wall… that may have been obvious to most of you, but we’re fostering a culture of inclusion here, so just be nice to the novice DIYers. Probably the best hardware/way to secure your pallet to a wall is by way of double keyholes—meaning, two keyholes per pallet. Here’s a sweet video that shows you how to make your own keyholes on the backs of stuff that doesn’t already have them (you may need to borrow or rent a router):

Once you have double keyholes on the back of each pallet, go ahead and sand and refinish them with varnish or the paint color of your choice, ensuring of course that you leave the hardware covered so paint or varnish won’t drip into the keyholes you’ve cut.

When everything is dry and no longer makes your brain feel funny when you smell it, start hanging those hogs on the wall following our How To Hang Keyhole Hardware instructions.

NOTE: We cannot stress enough how important screw anchors are here. Pallets are heavy. You can absolutely make this a secure and fun project, but screw anchors and solid screw choices like the E-Z Anchor keep you in the safety zone.

Once all of your double keyhole hung pallets are up and running, it’s time to add some garnish to that dish. Use the YOULEVEL to ensure every clock, piece of artwork, speakers, or anything else are properly leveled on the pallets before you start going to town. Map out where you want everything to go before you put things up.

NOTE: For best quality sound when hanging speakers, make sure they are spaced evenly across the room so you don’t get auditory imbalance that could have you Googling phrases like “vertigo,” and “symptoms of Ménière's disease.” Use your speakers’ balance and fade settings to offset things you can’t get around decor-wise.