How To A Hang Headboard On A Wall: Let’s Not Make This Awkward

Cedar Barn Wood Style Headboard

Cedar Barn Wood Style Headboard

Yes, yes, let’s get the painfully obvious out of the way. Though, if it hurts, you’re probably not doing it right. Headboards being improperly fastened to walls—or not attached at all—is one of the most common causes of urban sleep disturbance. Love thy neighbor: get that headboard well hung.

So many people mess this up the process of properly hanging a headboard on the wall or just smash the rest of the bedframe against the headboard thinking it will just hold there. While it’s adorable you think this will work out, you’ll find that every time you change your sheets—or change your “sleeping positions,” we’ll call it, that fussy headboard just won’t stay put. So what is this all about? Are you going a little ghetto fabulous with your headboard situation? Have you decided to sort of just… not care about how it could affect your… sleep (read: extracurricular bedtime activities)?

To simplify your life and to allow your poor neighboring apartment dwellers some well-deserved rest, just hop to business (not that kind, sheesh!) and get ‘er done (that’s not what we mean, you know what we mean) and mount your headboard to the wall (seriously, enough innuendo here to choke a horse—okay, this isn’t getting any better.)

If you’re dealing with an old headboard that isn’t really worth hanging on to, why hang it on the wall at all? Spending all the time and money to get it up won’t mean a thing if it don’t have that swing. So spending a little dough to get a stylish new headboard may be in order, and may well enhance the bedroom mood.

There really are some sweet headboard options out there, including leather headboards that don’t require a bedframe, and other options in oak, maple, pine, and other wood options (here we go again) that can add some sweet flair to the room where, as they say, “all the magic happens.”

In addition to being a noise issue for your poor, sweet neighbors, a poorly affixed headboard can actually, in all seriousness, be a safety issue. Especially for those of you who have kiddos with nightmares that cause them to crawl into bed at 4 a.m. with a tear or two in their sweet little eyes, the last thing you need is a shady headboard. And let’s be honest—plenty of you are guilty of owning that classically horrific late 1980s-early 1990s compressed wood headboard with shelves and built-in bedside tables. Okay, nothing this large with this many moving parts can be safe, especially if it isn’t constructed with real timber, and especially if you assembled it IN the 1990s.

So here’s the short list of what you need to do to get your headboard situation under control:

Buy a cool and contemporary headboard (you don’t have to spend much if you go to the right furniture outlet or retailer)

Affix said headboard to the wall using YOUHANGITs, YOULEVEL and the “Peel, Stick, Level, Squish” method of ensuring you create the perfectly level marks on the wall for your headboard

Use screw anchors (this is not from the Kama Sutra—at least, we’re pretty sure) to keep that headboard sturdily in place so you don’t find yourself having to drill holes over and over again to keep the headboard secure (this is just getting ridiculous).

Now you’re good to go. Whether you plan on napping or “napping” you’ll have a safe place to sleep tight or fall into a coma after “work,” we’ll call it. Enjoy safety, security, and style with your new and well-affixed headboard!