Not Your Average Towel Rack: Turn the Back of an Old Chair Into Place To Hang Towels

Chair back towel rack from Beach City Creations

Chair back towel rack from Beach City Creations

Repurposing is all the rage right now. You may have heard us mention this throughout several blogs, but we’re going to keep driving it home because 2014 and 2015 are sort of catalyst years for repurposing of materials like wood, metal, and other organic materials. It’s important to note that this transition is occurring because of more and more legitimate concern for the environment as well as a growing grassroots effort to keep interior design an authentic art form among Millennials as well as the generation younger than them (have we decided what they’re called yet?)

One awesome and easy first-timer project is taking the back of a rung-backed chair and transforming it into a towel rack. It’s a lot easier than many of the other DIY repurposing and upcycling projects you’ll do later if you decide you want to keep making cool new fixtures and other home decor for existing materials.

To begin, all you need to do is find the rung-backed chair that you want to use the back of (not from your grandmother’s living room please, nana likes that set a lot.) If you like it just the way it is, right on Charlie, time to start making your keyhole backings on either side of the chair legs (learn about how to make keyholes on wall fixtures by clicking here.) If not, go ahead and pick the color paint or finish you’d like to use. If you’re going for a really clean look and finish, you’ll want to hand-sand the chair back carefully with a lightweight sandpaper—if you’re dealing with trying to get rid of an old paint or varnish job, begin with heavier weight sandpaper, then work your way down to lighter weight as you get into the grooves, joints, and other detailed areas.

When it’s time to hang your chair back towel rack, review the above video on making keyholes, because you will want to hang the towel rack using the double keyhole system plus screws and screw anchors. Why you ask? Wet towels are heavy business, and thumbtacks ain’t gonna do the job Charlie!

A chair back towel rack is a great way to mix it up in the bathroom (the best way to mix it up in the bathroom outside of putting the conditioner in the shampoo bottle.) It’s affordable, a fun project for DIYers, and you’ll definitely have the most unique bathroom decor on the block. And on top of all that, you’re repurposing, which means you’re part of the solution. Not sure what repurposing means in the world of DIY interior design? Read more about repurposing and upcycling from DIYInspired to get your home to deep green status.