How to Hang Mirrored Medicine Cabinets

Vintage medicine cabinet by Industrial Artifact

Vintage medicine cabinet by Industrial Artifact

Vintage and rustic mirrored medicine cabinets are back en vogue big time, and one-off makers of these sweet fixtures like Industrial Artifact are crushing it in the world of interior design.

While technically a lot of these medicine cabinet designs are either made to look like rustic bathroom cabinets or are simply good finds in antique stores and rummage sales, many people are using these unique wall fixtures in rooms all over the house to add that perfect touch of eclectic sans eccentric. When you shop around for mirrored medicine cabinets online or off, you’ll be able to find them in a variety of finishes or raw wood, and with all kinds of rare knobs. If you don’t like the knob, but you’ve fallen in love with the rest of the cabinet, you can always shop for vintage, antique, or even wild and crazy super modern knobs to add a splash of color that will make this new wall accent truly yours and yours alone.

If you lack a lot of shelf space or just want a different look in the kitchen, hang a medicine cabinet with a rustic feel and use it as a spice rack. Looking for a place to keep the remotes out of the way in your vintage designed den or living room? Hang a cabinet by the TV to stash the electronic goods. Think your guest room needs a little mirror with a place for guests to place their personal goodies while staying in your home? Hang a couple of vintage medicine cabinets side by side for a sweet look and the sake of their privacy too.

While medicine cabinets are not exactly known to weigh a ton, like with all older things, a vintage medicine cabinet—especially one with a mirror and/or interior glass shelves—is going to weigh more than a simple plastic or aluminum bathroom cabinet you’ll find in the aisles of the local chain hardware store. So be sure to use screw anchors that will help tolerate the weight of the cabinet… and let’s be honest, those elephant tranquilizer-sized vitamins you take aren’t exactly featherweights.

2014 and 2015 are all about decor that is off the beaten path, and rustic cabinetry is no exception. Keep up with our blog to learn how to hang anything from vintage, midcentury modern, and other throwback interior design ideas. It’s all the rage baby!