Home Theater Speaker Wall Mounts: Why You Need Them for Your Surround Sound Speakers

Pinpoint universal speaker mounts:  click here to buy !

Pinpoint universal speaker mounts: click here to buy!

Unless you built your own home or purchased one that came with home theater speakers built into the structure of the home, or you are planning a remodel that will include embedding surround sound speakers into the ceilings and/or walls in your home, you will need surround sound speaker wall mounts. Yes you will, now listen up here!

Most surround sound systems worth your while don’t have to carry the same price tag as a blood diamond, but when you go super cheapo style, cheap sound is what you’re very likely going to get. Stick with top of the line industry brands like Bose, Infiniti, Alpine, and Harmon Kardon. If you went for the pawn shop find or the Brand X home theater system, you are very likely dealing with a kit that has very low life span, not so great sound, and a brand that won’t have the durability you’ll need for those times when you forget to dust… for 10 to 15 months (oops!)

And then there’s the home speaker wall mounts: let’s talk common sense here for just a sec. You just got done throwing a sweet system on your Best Buy credit card. But since you’re not feeling the financial burn (12 months no interest, sweet!) you may be tempted to buy wall mounts for speakers that just aren’t worthy of the unreal, earth shattering components you just spent a whole paycheck on.

While you can buy wall mounts for speakers from the same place you bought the system itself, they are often no better than those you can find online for a much lower price—oftentimes even the same brands are heavily marked up at stores that specialize in home electronics but just happen to carry wall hanging hardware.

One option we love that works beautifully for a huge array of home theater systems but won’t break the bank are the universal speaker wall mounts from Pinpoint Mounts. You can check out their huge variety of universal mounts to ensure you get the ones that will work for your components right from their website, and of course you can always contact them, tell them what you’re working with, and they can make recommendations for the best way to hang speakers yourself using their hardware. For especially cramped TV rooms, they even offer bookshelf clamps for speakers in smaller sizes that are extremely secure. Naturally, if you go this route, follow all the instructions to the letter—this is not a DIY project you want to play guessing games with as it could result in wacky sound relay, giving your home viewers a case of vertigo, and no, we’re not talking about the cult movie classic.

When hanging speaker mounts, you will probably want to purchase the YOUHANGIT Designer Kit, simply because it will have enough YOUHANGIT sticky thingies to squish for all the speakers you have, as well as anything else you many want to wall mount, including hanging a sound bar if that’s part of the plan (as we at YOUHANGIT definitely think it should be!)