How to Hang a Crescent Shower Curtain Rod: A Rare Two-Person Job With YOUHANGIT

Check out  for more gorgeous designs!

Check out for more gorgeous designs!

With some homes, a crescent shower curtain rod is a great option. When you have a large tub that doubles as a shower, consider yourself blessed—not all of us have such an enviable combo. With that said, having a standard, straight curtain rod will be more a pain than a help whether you’re enjoying a long bath or a long shower.

YOULEVEL: see how these sweet rubber bands work? :)

YOULEVEL: see how these sweet rubber bands work? :)

Hanging a crescent shower rod will allow you the actual space you need while showering rather than feeling like you’re being suffocated in something that feels like a collapsing tent during the rainy season in Palermo. The crescent shower curtain stays away from you and your business, so that while you’re scrubbing your bits and pieces you don’t have to have a bar fight with the shower curtain as it seems to be drawn ever closer to your person. We’re not sure about the physics behind this, but shower curtains just love to stick to humans—maybe it’s something supernatural or maybe it has to do with pheromones… but probably not. When you’re in a hurry, there’s nothing worse than holding the shower curtain at bay with one hand while you do the one-handed shave with the other hand—whether it’s your face, your legs, or… something else.

When hanging a crescent shower curtain, you will need two people, the YOULEVEL with the rubber bands included in the YOUHANGIT Designer Kit, and you will need a YOUHANGIT sticky thingy for each side of the shower curtain that you’ll adhere to the place where you will add your screw anchors and hardware.

Unlike traditional shower curtains, crescent shower curtains don’t just fit into a space by way of spring-loaded rod; this is great news because this means that once it’s in place, it’s in place—you’ll never find yourself stark naked reaching for a towel only to have an old, worn out shower rod fall down on your head or… some other body part. If you’ve ever experienced this, you know how awesome it is—especially if it happened while your platonic, near-stranger, opposite sex roommate was brushing his/her teeth mere feet away from you in all your glory. For some reason the salutation, “Hi” doesn’t seem quite right in this scenario.

While you may or may not enjoy showering in tandem, you will need two people to hang a shower curtain rod of this kind. The bow design and length just don’t lend to a one-man DIY project. You can both eyeball the hands-free YOULEVEL to ensure this awkwardly shaped bathroom hardware is perfectly level. Then, on the count of three… SQUISH! Now you’ll want to communicate very clearly so you’re both moving the rod away from the wall at the same time—no one needs a slip and fall right before you even get to enjoy your newfound spacious shower.

Have some DIY shower curtain pointers of your own? We’d love to hear from you! Whether it’s tips on how to hang a shower curtain the old fashioned way or you know about some kind of new-fangled shower curtain, let us know by posting comments and/or pictures to the YOUHANGIT Facebook page or tweeting @YOUHANGIT with the hashtag #ShowerCurtainRod. Happy hanging, gang!