Why Door Window Curtains Aren't Passé

Door curtain windows: don't underestimate the cool factor.

Door curtain windows: don't underestimate the cool factor.

Basically, we decided they aren’t. Also, we noticed a lot of you guys out there seem to be into this trend, and we think it’s great. Here are a few reasons why it’s great to have door window curtains if you have French doors or other kinds of doors with windows.

Door curtain windows for privacy

Okay, this is the most obvious reason. But it shouldn’t just be dismissed, and here’s why. A lot of you just go around thinking that it’s fine and dandy to treat your front entryways like they’re Fort Knox while you treat your garage entry door, side doors, and back doors like they aren’t being looked through. Well, you’re wrong. And when you’re out of town or at work, everyone from the pool guy to the naysaying neighbor can see what’s going down at your place. And for those of us who don’t live in Naperville, Illinois (just read about it, come on, you really need to get current with something other than Donald Trump), there’s more to home safety than closing the doors.

Many people think that adding door curtain windows to their side or back doors will take away from the aesthetic of their French doors or the look of other doors with windowpanes. What’s great about them is that they don’t! And even better: you can choose the material you like the most and have them handmade for a very reasonable price, and usually not far from where you live. If not, you can look up someone on Etsy who hand makes door window curtains, like the good folks at Cutting Cloth, who have pages of material prints for you to choose from.

Door curtain windows for their curb appeal

Click here  to review the patterns offered by Cutting Cloth on Etsy!

Click here to review the patterns offered by Cutting Cloth on Etsy!

Yes, for your front door you can actually add door window curtains that will enhance the look of your door with windowpanes. We know what you’re thinking: But how can this be true? It’s true, and here’s how: by having your door window curtains made with the material showing on both sides, the gorgeous print of your choosing will be displayed for all the world to envy. So go ahead, find that turquoise Navajo print or that midcentury modern mauve and pea green pattern your wife detests. YOUHANGIT is on your side.

Hanging door curtain windows

It is so easy with the help of YOUHANGIT and the hands-free YOULEVEL, especially when you shop for door window curtain rods online rather than killing yourself trying to find these shorter, smaller curtain rods at the local big box retailer. Usually once you do find them at places like this, they are those sad, cheap aluminum curtain rods painted white. Nobody wants that for you. So do yourself a favor and head over to Amazon and check out door curtain rods like these.

Now with your sweet design picked out, your hand-picked curtain rod, and the YOULEVEL with help from the bands that allow you to attach it so you can hang a curtain rod with total perfection, you are ready to enjoy life… and a newfound privacy regardless of where those creeps across the street are looking in from.