Repurposed Wood Shadow Boxes: A Hot Item on Etsy That Should be on Your DIY Radar

If you follow YOUHANGIT and know anything about our legacy, you know we’ve already been busted for loving the planet. Yes, we love Earth — it’s our only home. And who’d have imagined that by supporting small businesses that use repurposed wood or by making your own homemade goods with upcycled wood you could be playing a role in preserving our planet? Ya gotta love it!

One thing most homes are sorely in need of that not all homes have are shadowboxes — and what better shadow box is there than one you bought from a small business like Barb Wire and Barn Wood or one you made yourself with repurposed pallet wood? When you buy one premade, you’ll find these wall hanging shadowboxes come with hanging hardware on the back, though you may have to make a run to the local hardware store to buy the screws and anchors you need. And you will need anchors for sure with some of these extra large shadow boxes from sellers like Barb Wire and Barn Wood!

Shadow box hanging is pretty easy, and made crazy easy with the use of YOUHANGIT and its trusty companion, the YOULEVEL. Most are equipped with double keyhole hardware on the back — a typically dreaded hardware type that becomes no big whoop in the wake of the YHI Designer Kit.

That’s cool, but what do I put in a shadow box?


Great question, we’re glad you asked. Depending on the size of the shadow box you’ve decided to purchase or make from repurposed wood, you can put just about anything you want into your shadow box. An extra large shadow box may even have room for your old man’s boxing gloves or your Popaw’s baseball glove. For more functional use, you can even add small hooks at the bottom of the box for use as a place to hang necklaces, bracelets, long dangly earrings, and other jewelry while you use the main areas of the box compartments to hold small jewelry boxes and other odds and ends.

Shadow boxes in my man cave? Yes, we’re going there.

What better spot to store your mini bobble heads, your snubbed out cigars, your winning lotto tickets, or even an old tie as a reminder that you’ve retired? Aside from the sporting man’s cave, there’s also the workshop — and a shadow box here can be used to store all those baby food jars filled with washers, nuts, bolts, and screws, etc. And, the fact that it’s made of repurposed wood will (we promise) not add one single, solitary dash of femininity to your manly space.

A shadow box made of repurposed wood is a great way to save money, the planet, and add a piece of unusual wall decor to your spot. Like the idea? We’ve got tons of them — just check out our Pinterest board all about repurposed wood projects!