Yes, It's That Time Again, But We Promise Not to Discuss Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Horn o' plenty wreath from your seasonal daymares

Horn o' plenty wreath from your seasonal daymares

The magical time of year is upon us once more. Oh, to give thanks. Thank you. Around the office, at your children's school, and everywhere else you spend any time is filled with THAT smell again — the smell of Starbucks' marketing success having turned the entire world into nutmeg loving fruitcakes.

Rather than be an old curmudgeon about the whole ordeal, we've decided to double down on Thanksgiving this year, and in so doing give you a little gadget and a little idea that will give you a permanent place to hang seasonal wreaths anytime of year.

The Thanksgiving Wreath

As you can see pictured here, this terrible cornucopia-style wreath exclaims to the world, "No, I am not experiencing seasonal affective disorder, my meds are on the level, and I am a patriot who adores Thanksgiving." But what we love most about this wreath is the fact that eventually, it will come down. Phew. 

The Arbor Day wreath we hope you never do.

The Arbor Day wreath we hope you never do.

But wreaths in general are pretty darn great, and here's why: you can buy them as-is, hang them on your door, and walk away. Done deal!

And in today's holiday-driven culture, you can literally find a wreath for anything from Thanksgiving to the obvious Christmas to even Easter, a Bar Mitzvah, Halloween, the Fourth of July, and hold on for this one — even Arbor Day (irony of all ironies, please make this one yourself from repurposed wood and dead leaves).

How to Hang Any Wreath on Your Front Door in One Shot

Here at YOUHANGIT, we believe in personal freedom. And by that we mean not having to spend a second longer than you should have to on hanging anything, especially stuff that you plan on taking down in like 15 minutes.

When you use our handy-dandy Sexy Metal Hooks to hang wreaths on your front door, you only have to apply the YOUHANGIT hook one time — then you'll leave it in place and hang a new wreath every time something new pops up, from a nephew's birthday to the visiting of foreign dignitaries (let's not pretend there aren't wreaths for this).

To apply your Sexy Metal Hook on your door, simply pick the sightline you want for your seasonal wreaths, keeping in mind you will hang wreaths from fishing line or similar wire, so the Sexy Metal Hook will need to be slightly higher than where you want the wreath to actually lay on the door.

Next, grab your hammer and lightly tap the Sexy Metal Hook into your front door. Aaaaannnnnd... you're done.

Now every time a season approaches all you have to do is head to your local craft store to grab the fitting wreath or the supplies to make a wreath yourself. No holiday madness for you — and no pumpkin spice lattes, puuhhleeeze.