Why You Need Art in Your Home: Don’t Consider It an Excess You Don’t Deserve

From YOUHANGIT featured artist, JC Pino

From YOUHANGIT featured artist, JC Pino

Oftentimes, when many of us think of art, we think of it as pretentious or as an accessory to our homes we just don’t need. Nothing could be further from the truth. Art is an essential part of life that helps maintain a good semblance of attachment to your personal space, and it has also been proven to help stave off depression and to help with other maladies.

Hang Your Favorite Artwork On Familiar Walls

Most of us have a favorite piece or two from famous collections such as the works of Picasso, Klimt, Dali, Monet, Goya, and so many others. With the availability of these pieces online so readily available, you can buy a reprint of your favorites for very low prices from Internet art houses, eBay, Amazon, and many other places. These types of artwork help transform a house or apartment into YOUR home. What’s more, every time you look at artwork hung on the walls of your living room, bedroom, dining room, or kitchen, these pieces will elicit memories, feelings, and thoughts — so do your best to bring in your favorite memories, happy thoughts, and art that provokes positive thinking — it’s a powerful tool to propel you through daily life.

Hang Your Children’s Artwork Up

If you have kids, there’s no better way to brighten up your office or other work areas such as your workshop, garage, or basement than to hang their adorable family portraits, pasta artwork done in class, or their little watercolor masterpieces done right at your own kitchen table. On a rough day, artwork made by a child can act as a ray of light in an otherwise very dark mental or spiritual space. Celebrating your children’s art by hanging it also makes them feel recognized and adored — they feel proud to have their works hung in the same home as the works of other great artists, so you have created a wonderful win-win when you hang your kid’s artwork.

Support Local Artists and Lesser-Known Painters Across the World

By going to local art galleries, you may find some art that’s right up your alley — but you may find it to be out of your price range, too. To avoid spending more than you’d like to, look up events online that are taking place in your area: many towns and cities have monthly art walks, expos, and other events where you can find beautifully crafted original art and prints. When you support these artists, you are adding to their coffers and making it possible for them to continue adding to the canon of our generation’s subcultures.

You can also support very gifted artists by shopping online at places like Etsy, Bonanza, UncommonGoods, DaWanda, and Folksy, among others.

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