How to Use a Curtain Rod to Shamelessly Showcase Your Absurdly Large Collection of Jewelry

From The Thinking Closet—LOVE it!

From The Thinking Closet—LOVE it!

If you are the kind of person who has loads of necklaces, earrings, and other baubles galore, you might be tired of sorting through all kinds of boxes, bags, and drawers to find just the piece you need for specific occasions.

Well those days are over! Here’s how you can use a curtain rod to hang up everything with plenty of room so your pretty peepers can pick just what you need before the people at the party pass out waiting for you to show.

To begin, we cannot stress safety enough. Make sure that you choose an appropriate height for your jewelry rod-style hanger—you don’t want children to grab on, stick their heads through, etc. This also means it should be in an area off limits to kiddos until they are old enough to know better. With that said, there isn’t much we can do to save you from teenaged “borrowers” of jewelry.

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Choose a nice curtain rod that suits the style of the decor in the room where you’ll be hanging it. Try to use wrought iron, brushed steel, or other metals that will be strong enough to hold up your collection of jewelry without scraping or scratching it too.

To hang a curtain rod straight, attach the YOULEVEL to the center of the rod using the rubber bands that come with this handsfree level in the Designer Kit, Decor and More Kit, or whichever kit you purchased from

Now here’s the trick: you’re going to secure the hardware that will hold the curtain rod to the wall after you have made marks using the YOUHANGIT method (click here to watch the video on how to make the perfect marks to hang anything right the first time.)

Make sure you use screw anchors… all that jewelry could get as heavy as a pair of Queen Anne Victorian drapes—you know who you are.

You’ll want to hang drapery rod hardware that allows you to pull it up and out, away from the wall so you can remove items or reorganize them as needed.

Here’s maybe the most important trick of all to really make this work: S-shaped hooks like the one pictured in this blog. These will hang from the curtain rod, providing you hooks for things like earrings, bracelets, chunkier pieces, and of course, your set of Mr. T feather earrings—we can’t stress the importance of how very delicate these are.

Make sure you pick a curtain rod to hang jewelry that is long enough—or if you want to organize by jewelry type, maybe choose two to three shorter curtain rods to make sorting simpler. Enjoy you accessorized beauty, you!