Take It To Go: Child Growth Chart Ruler Adds Charm You Can Move With

Wall-hung ruler makes measuring height a movable cinch.

Wall-hung ruler makes measuring height a movable cinch.

Raising children creates lifetimes of memories, and some of the most cherished times are caught on the walls of our homes. Everything from family photos to framed art the kids did in grade school—so many walls are covered with fond reminders of days past.

One of the most timeless treasures we have as parents and grandparents are the marks made on the wall to measure how quickly the children are growing. Each tick mark on the wall carries with it the name of the child and the date the mark was made. Sadly, however, now that so many of us rent or simply don’t have the same kinds of roots set in one place like the generations that preceded us, those precious markings on the walls get lost with every move.

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. With the larger than life ruler, you can take your children’s measurements—and all those priceless memories everywhere you go—right down to your final retirement home. This simple tool even works better than the old fashioned way of measuring your children’s heights because the numbers are listed right on the wall hanging ruler. This means you get to skip the step of taking the tape measure from the floor to the mark to find out how much your little one has grown.

Featured here is the wall growth measurement ruler made by Kate's Little Shop, a sweet little Etsy storefront where rulers just like the one featured here can be purchased for under $50, and that cost includes personalized engraving of the family name, your favorite quote, or inspirational mantra about growing up.

To hang a giant ruler on the wall, you’ll need to ensure that Kate’s Little Shop includes hanging hardware, and if not, you’ll need to purchase screws and screw anchors to mount decor on the wall in a manner that ensures that it is stable when people stand against it.

Once you have mounted your giant ruler to the wall, you can make your very first marks. Choose a different color for each child—you can do this with cool indelible arts and craft markers—these come in every imaginable color, including metallic and pastels. You have written the child’s name and date by the mark, and you’re now on your way to creating a portable memory bank. This is so important for you, your children, and even their children, who can hang this in their homes later as a family keepsake alongside family pictures and artwork.

Enjoy your giant wall hung ruler and making memories with your children: in the blink of an eye these little marks and dates will soon be benchmarks on a long and winding road—evidence that you raised children and survived the whole ordeal—even when your son got to be taller than you in the ninth grade!