Wall Hanging Key Cabinet: Never Lose Your Keys (or Your Mind) Again

Forever change your life for the better with one simple organizational tool & YOUHANGIT.

Forever change your life for the better with one simple organizational tool & YOUHANGIT.

We've all been there: misplaced keys, a meeting to get to, a car packed with kids, and a day that  has no end—and apparently no beginning—in sight. Lost keys are the worst, and you always wind up hating yourself or whomever else you deem is responsible for that lost set of keys.

If you're like some people, you may have attached some absurdly large fixture to your keys in an effort to never lose them again; sadly, that foot-long fluorescent banana you picked up at San Diego zoo just camouflages right into the kids' toys—nevermind what it's doing to the inner working of your ignition.

It's time for a serious solution. Take that banana off your keychain, you look ridiculous, in case no one has told you. Instead, get a wall mounted key cabinet and make a habit of hanging your keys up in this baby every single time you come home.

They say it takes 21 days to make or break any habit—this idea will transform the chronic key-loser in less than 24 hours!

wall hanging key cabinet_how to hang double keyholes.jpeg

It's imperative that you pick a spot that makes TOTAL sense—whichever door you go out of to get to the car(s) is going to be your ideal spot to mount a wall hanging keychain holder.

In this way you can ensure the visual trigger: you will see the key cabinet when you get home, and you will hang your keys in it.

Once you get into the habit, it will become second nature and you'll minimize your daily heart attack incidences by at least a factor of 10.

Using the YOUHANGIT hanging system makes hanging a key cabinet like this a breeze. You'll simply remove the adhesive from two YOUHANGITs, apply them right over both keyhole eyelets, then place the YOULEVEL at the top-center of the unit.

Now you're ready to level and squish your key cabinet into the wall. Once you have made the perfect marks for hanging your key cabinet, simply screw in the hardware that came with the unit (or screws with screw anchors that fit through these specific keyholes if you had to buy them separately) and hang that sucker.

If you purchase a key cabinet like the one we have featured here from Home Wet Bar, you can also hang things like hoodies and light handbags off of it—but be sure you use wall anchors with those screws to ensure it can handle the weight without bowing or breaking off the wall.

You can even use the bottom of the inside to place your wallet, billfold, or other items you dump out of your pocket at the end of the day, never to be seen again. Welcome to your new life, free of key loss!