Another Place to Hang Your Kid's Drawings and Paintings: Repurposing + Hanging

Simple magic from the minds at Pallet Furniture DIY

Simple magic from the minds at Pallet Furniture DIY

We know we're not the only ones who have those new-fangled refrigerators without a magnetic front—and we have fervently discussed this issue and offered up another solution in a previous blog about wall hanging bulletin boards, which you can find here.

But, when we came across this sweet piece of repurposed magic from the brilliant minds over at Pallet Furniture DIY, we just had to share it with you. We love this idea because it is so simple, and does not require the high level skill and acumen some repurposing projects that involve pallets do.

It's the simplest and most fun way to showcase your children's latest and greatest artwork, have the ability to change it out as frequently as you like (or as often as there is a tantrum) and can seriously be done by anyone with a few bits of old pallet wood, a couple of YOUHANGITs, and of course, the ever useful hands-free YOULEVEL. Oh, and you might need to splurge like $1.99 for some clothespins unless you already have a handful of those hanging around as well.

While some of you may be up to your elbows in places to hang drawings, paper boats, and God love 'em, your children's pictures delivered with the phrase, "Look mama, anodder dwawing fo' da fwij!" others of you may not, and that's why using pallet wood is so genius. Even if you're raising the Von Trapps family singers, a single pallet will offer up enough wall-mountable displays like those in the picture above for you to don all manner of artwork for your kids for years.

If you plan on staying in the same home throughout the entire time you're raising your kids, you could even hang these in chronological order, say three to a column from top to bottom of wall, and pick out your favorite piece of artwork from each child every three months or so, or do it seasonally.

Or, if you would rather file the art away, simply use the clothespins to constantly change out the artwork. The longer the piece of pallet wood, the more clothespins you can add. In this way, you can give each child hers or his own special place to hang their precious gifts to you.

By painting their names at the top of the repurposed wood art hanger, you give them a special place to call their own—and when it comes to creativity and growing up, individuality is the name of the game.