Why You Should Hang Empowering Art in Your Daughter's Room: The Green Light to Self-Love

Every once in a while, we get a little real on the YOUHANGIT blog... but we never do it without good reason. There are a lot of things we should all consider when we have a child: what should they wear? How long should we breastfeed? When is it okay to fight their battles? When should I mix myself a strong drink rather than go in to the lion's den? Regardless of whether you're raising a boy or a girl or both, you need to be aware that—shockingly—we are still living in a world where a woman's work is valued less than a man's, even when she does as good or better a job at the same task, and even if she is better educated.

But let's take a closer look at the last word of that last sentence: "educated" — what does this word mean, exactly? To most of us in the US, this is identified as a person who has at least gone to college; very rarely do we think of an education as something someone could have obtained outside of a classroom or curriculum assigned to them. But in many other cultures, an education is obtained in fields, in factories, in monasteries, in the vacuum of today's technological advances, and so on.

So, to get to the point, if you are raising a girl in the US, help her to learn she has endless value. Do this with constant reminders, only one of which are things you can hang in her bedroom, her bathroom, notes you slip in her lunch bag, and so on.

Unfortunately, many parents think when they have a girl, the world will do just a fine job of teaching her how to value herself. And without getting into the heavy statistics—and they are heavy—let's instead discuss what you can do at least in some small part to help your daughter, niece, granddaughter, or sister understand how very important she is to the world of which she is a part.

Hang art in her room that reminds her she is worthy of praise, of quality companionship, of equal pay, of a harmonious home, of a fun and educational childhood, and that she has the right to love her soul, mind, body, spirit, and emotional bodies, regardless of what others may have to say about any of those.

Hanging art is one of the most wonderful ways to remind someone of something you want them to think about: it is visual, tactile, vibrant, and when it is hung on the wall in her room, it is an ever present reminder of why a girl should keep moving, keep shaking, keep turning ideas on their heads, and continue to twist the status quo until it no longer resembles its former self.

You can easily hang artwork like the one featured in this blog with the YOUHANGIT wall hanging system, and you don't need two people to get it on the wall. Also, you do not need to worry about studs: even when hanging a piece of artwork with a wire backing, you can hang artwork with no studs when you use YOUHANGIT.

At the end of the day, a little girl's fairytales are self-realized as she reshapes her reality around what she faces and what she sees in her daily life. Be a force for good when it comes to what she sees: hang empowering images and quotes all around her, and whoever she seems to be becoming, embrace her—there is no end to the ride as a parent, you may as well make the company you keep an enjoyable, self-worthy person.